Forward! Life Awaits: The Beginning

This has become my motto lately. One really must move forward in life, because staying in one place doesn’t work too well, mentally, emotionally or physically. Though there be twists and turns, the general direction of life does tend to be onward, forward, toward something. Mostly I am guessing toward ultimate demise, but that is beside the point.

This blog has been started to mark the end of an era. The days of school drudgery are over for the time (though I may continue courses just to keep my mind from stagnation and decay). I have become (supposedly) a useful member of society, and now must take on those responsibilities. Yes, I have a bit of an identity crisis and perhaps blogging will keep me sane. And keep people in touch.

The identity crisis doesn’t end with the completion of arduous work for a piece of paper, oh no, my wedding comes soon and it is another big change in my life. I will be forever dropping my childhood last name and taking on my intended’s. (There will be time for debate about feminism and this choice later.) I will also be tied legally to him instead of to my parents (as a ‘dependent’) or on my own as a singular person. Oh, times change!

One definite thing this blog will be for (other than coping with the obscenities of the adult world) debating, postulating, musing, fuming, complaining, arguing and trying to understand. I will try to keep ranting and bitching to a minimum. However, I cannot promise.

I hope you will be able and willing to think with me, laugh with me, cry with me, attempt to understand with me, debate/argue with me, and continue to read. This is just the introductory post, and gives you the feeling for where I am.

And now… Forward! Life Awaits! And Onward into a new adventure!



About N B

Artist, critic, friend, and rambly-ponderer.
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