It’s been one week

“Since you looked at me…”

I know, such a strange lyric to be stuck in my head, but a colleague (aka another WU graduate) posted on a networking site: “graduated one week ago…” This got me thinking. Has it really been only one week? I am already working a full-time job and working on the endless task of setting my house in order.

My kittehs
Princess and Domino in the sock box. They love each other! Videos of the cats  can be found here.

Really, this is endless because I am no good at organizing (as my friends will be keen to point out) and I have little sense as to what should go where. Aand I have two cats, each about a year in age (pictured). They love to go tearing through the house and upset everything. I tend to find things knocked over when I return home. Or torn up. Or general disarray.

My house has lately been far from clean. I had been thesising (which is the term my colleagues and I used for researching for, writing, editing, stressing over, and in general dealing with each of our own respective theses), catching up on homework and classwork, trying to stop being eternally stress-sick, and working almost 30 hours (alongside the 12ish hours of classes) per week. Life has not been kind to me lately.

But since graduation, life has been a bit kinder. I now can breathe and not worry about getting homework in on time or meeting quite as many deadlines. Now I get to sit at a desk for hours a day and clean up the University’s website. It is a tedious and redundant task, since the work that is easiest and time-consuming goes to the interns. This tends to be a lot of copy/paste, making sure that the website matches the document, link fixing, and html cleanup. It isn’t very difficult work, it is just boring. I tend to watch movies during work (which is a bad habit, I know). The boss has seen me do it and actually told me it was a good idea. It is only one teeny screen amongst the other things. The main function of watching movies is to keep my mind occupied during these long hours of endlessly and repetitively dull work. Yes, I am complaining. But other than general boredom and monotony I have no complaints. The boss is a wonderful person and the other higher-ups are really nice to me. When they come down the hall to socialize with us wee interns.

I keep saying “us” and “interns.” I am excited to find myself working this summer with one of my best friends. We have a blast, having lunch together and have begun to cook dinners together, with our significant others. This, we have decided, is going to be a weekly thing. Actually, we plan for this to happen multiple times a week. Both couples pitch in for the meal so it is generally even in the cost. My friend’s boyfriend is a great friend of my fiance’s and mine. The meal has been followed (and I hope will continue to be followed) with companionable conversation. Unfortunately, that keeps us up kind of late and will probably be kept on the relative short side so everyone can get to work on time the following day. Sadly, her boyfriend has to leave at about 6:30 in the morning for his job. I am glad I don’t have to leave that early. Knock on wood. (I am NOT a morning person.)

Speaking of getting up early, I have to get my stuff together for work tomorrow because the weekend has ended. Or will end in just a few hours. Tragic, but true!


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