Experimental Cooking: Cinnamon-Candied Walnuts and Pomegranate Poppyseed Muffins

Today I decided to do some experimental cooking. This generally entails either “what the hell, let’s try it” cooking and/or trying a new recipe. Today’s experiments were cinnamon-candied walnuts and pomegranate poppyseed muffins.

The walnuts did not turn out at all. They were walnuts originally intended for Baklava, but partway through I realized that there were too many walnuts and not enough of the other ingredients. They have been sitting, mixed and waiting for something for a while now and I needed to clear up counter space. So I thought and… IDEA! I should candy them! My mother said to add some corn syrup and bake them at about 300 degrees. She didn’t give a time. I decided, hey, 25 minutes sounds safe, right? Wrong.  They were burned and could not be salvaged. I didn’t bother taking pictures.

The second experiment of today turned out wonderful! It was a new recipe – Poppyseed Muffins! The experiment is enhanced by the fact that it was a new recipe that I was altering. Oh so much more fun! I have some pomegranate juice and wanted to try making pomegranate poppyseed muffins. They came out beautifully.

Muffins Fresh out of the Oven

Fresh out of the oven! They look kind of lumpy, perhaps that means I should alter the recipe a bit more.

Pomegranate Poppyseed Muffins: Served

So I added a little butter to it for a garnish (and flavor) and tried the muffins. They were delicious! A tad dry, I think I am going to alter the recipe a bit more for flavor and moisture.

Look at them! The tops were nice and golden with a splendid crunch to them. They are a bit lumpy, and the batter was really thick. I am thinking this recipe will need altered a little bit more than I did before. Remember, these were supposed to be lemon-poppyseed muffins and I turned them into pomegranate poppyseed. I decided after seeing how gorgeous they looked (and how tasty after they came out of the oven) that I had to try one. I mean, seriously, you have to try something fresh out of the oven, right? That is the absolute best time to try a baked good. So I did. I ripped it in half to find steamy goodness inside, I added some butter for garnish (and a little taste. This is actually vegetable spread because I didn’t want to decrease the health value) and took a picture. I don’t have good lighting in my kitchen, darn fluorescent tubes!, and thus the picture is kind of blah. I found that it was a bit dry for my taste, and that it definitely needs more of the pomegranate tang to it. I think I will increase the pomegranate juice by a few more tablespoons, definitely!, and maybe add one tablespoon of oil. I will post that recipe when I try it and perfect it. But I think it will make an excellent breakfast-on-the-go or snack at work!

Look forward to seeing that recipe once I perfect it, and then you, too, can have relatively healthy, tangy pomegranate poppyseed muffins!

Off for now to start dinner. Happy cooking!


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2 Responses to Experimental Cooking: Cinnamon-Candied Walnuts and Pomegranate Poppyseed Muffins

  1. Mmm, those look good. You make me feel like I should post about interesting cooking experiments on my blog. I said it’s predominantly Japan and JET-related, but that doesn’t mean EVERY entry has to be Japan and JET-related.

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