Wedding update – 9 June, 2010

Not much exciting has been going on around here. I am working full time at the school for now, at least through the summer. I have been, when I am not at work, working on my wedding stuff.

Lately it has been working on the invitations! Which are terribly overdue and I am very far behind in. Well, at least they are started..ish…

There will be an invite-making party tonight to help me get done with the invites, for which I am incredibly thankful! Special thanks to Ash, Annie, and Ellie. And my honey, of course, who has been helping. Hopefully the 200 will be done tonight so I can get them in envelopes and find out how much postage will cost.

Josh and I will also be looking into ordering wedding rings soon. Well, sketching them out to have them custom made. It won’t be too expensive if we do it right, and we already own the stones we want to use in them. Our first quote was about $1200 for the pair, that includes all the custom work. We are going to check out a new jeweler soon to see if we can get a better deal than that! We will have to be careful because people will try to take advantage of us because we are bright-eyed youngsters. Doubt it will make a difference, you know? If we had older adult stand-ins, that would be amazing.

There has been some experimental cooking lately. I have forgotten to take pictures, so there won’t be many updates about cooking until I remember to take pictures. Annie and I made Zucchini Fritatta with Ricotta cheese. We found that we cannot double this recipe and have the same results. It was not crispy and easily held, but it was tasty. We have also been trying new recipes from the Modern Japanese Cookbook I have. I will post new dishes soon as I get wedding stuff under control.

Back to work with me!


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