Experimental cooking: Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Okay, I had to post again.  I decided (after many many cooking shows watched) try making something tasty for dessert. I knew I wanted something chocolatey, but didn’t want to bake at 10:45pm (I really need to go to work tomorrow after having a fever today) and I wanted something small.

So I made cocoa. I included the recipe. A warning, though, it is a bit dark (which I like dark, so it was okay with me. My milk-chocolate loving fiance said it was a tad too dark but still good).

hot chocolate

This is the top of the cocoa. It is covered in light vanilla bean whipped cream and dashes of cinnamon and cocoa. Yes, it is in an unattractive blue mug, but I don't think it detracts from this tastiness or how pretty it looks.

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate – Dark
Serves 2-3, depending on mug size

2.5c  Milk (Whole is better)
2t     Vanilla Extract
2T     Brown Sugar
2T     Cocoa Powder
dash cinnamon (to taste)

1. Put milk and vanilla in a small pot and heat on medium-low to medium (depends on how your stove heats).
2. When medium-warm, add the brown sugar, cocoa and cinnamon and whisk in until all lumps are gone.
3. Finish heating to desired Temperature and serve.

I really really liked it! And it was easy to make. I am excited to keep it in the recipe book. For those who like more sweet, less dark cocoa, use a little more brown sugar and a little less cocoa.

In other news: Going to a funeral/memorial on Saturday for an Auntie who lost her battle with cancer, but is now in peace. It will be unfun. But it will be immediately followed with a meeting with or wedding cake maker to finalize details! I am soo excited for this latter part. My calendar is SO FULL leading up to the wedding.


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