Such a long weekend!

So I took Friday off to get ready and head north for Josh’s Auntie’s funeral. The heading north was a 2 hour ride to my parents house to chill for a bit (dinner, dessert, and a short part of a game) before driving the 1.5 hour drive to our sleepover spot.

At 8am we went from there to Warm Springs (about 1.25-1.5 hours) and were there for the funeral. Which a Native funeral is never just ceremony-grave-done. There was the preceremony stuff, the ceremony (which was short as per her desires and someone sang the Hallelujah used in Shrek and I cried a bit), going to the graveyard and doing stuff there (here I cried a bit), then going back for a meal and then a giveaway. We left there at 2:45, just before the giveaway to drive the 2.5 hours to Portland then 3ish to Bremerton, WA.

Well, we ended up getting there at 8:15 after stop and go traffic in Portland and car issues partway up. Then we ate dinner and watched Shutter Island. It was an interesting movie, but the ending was dissatisfying because it left it open to interpretation but only leaned slightly toward one. I won’t tell because that will spoil it. He took us out to a tasty breakfast and gave us our early wedding present (and told us to go ahead and use it!) of a GPS unit for the car!! We were so excited!! Then we met our cakemaker at her church. She said that she would meet us at my grandfather’s house and we would go to her house to talk cake. So we did and went to her place at about 2ish.

We decided on our cake with its layers and she was nice enough to keep her promise of only $350 maximum and we are getting at $525 cake for $350. Our cake is oval with four tiers (not including our mini tier for the 1st year anniversary!) The bottom is a white cake with raspberry Bavarian creme mousse, the next up is a chocolate with blackberry mousse, the second to the top is a funfetti cake with the raspberry Bavarian Creme mousse and the top is almond poppyseed with the same filling as the one below it. Our 1-year mini cake is the same as the second to bottom tier. The frosting will be non-dairy whipped topping and we will have little piping and it will be decorated with gold and red accents. Josh is going to get a groom’s cake done in the blue and silver.  We tried to keep as many allergies in mind as we could: nut, lactose (though the mousse will have a little), red food coloring, etc. We couldn’t really do a non-gluten cake, sad. But it will be okay.

So we left there at 5:45 and got back home around 10. That was after stopping for dinner and taking a slightly slower route because we were trying to avoid the $4 toll at the Tacoma Narrows coming back, so we went through Sheldon (Shelton?) on 101 and met up with I-5S at Tumwater.

Today I was going to go in late to work, but ended up crying too much when I got up and thus didn’t go to work at all. I needed the mourning/chill out time. Tonight we are making porcupine balls (my first time on my own!) and… oh, you don’t know what they are? Porcupine balls are rice and ground beef meatballs that are cooked in a tomato/Worcestershire sauce and served over rice. So anyway, we are making that and then going swimming. Hopefully tomorrow will go better and I am excited to have Annie and Alex over for dinner. They didn’t know about Porcupine balls were either. My mamma made them while I was growing up. I didn’t know they weren’t widely known.

They went over well! I was happy with that. They were taaaaasty. ^~^

Long weeks and weekends ahead. Next weekend is the 4th of July and that is when my friend comes and I get to see her for the last time before she goes to Japan.

Much love and recipes coming soon.


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