One month, and I am scared!

I really don’t know what I am scared of. I am just making legal what is already in my heart and spirit: the marriage to my wonderful love. I have the dress, I have his clothes, I have the bridesmaids and groomsmen clothes picked out. We have the rings ordered (and pick them up on Friday), we have the cake ordered, we have the place set, the time and date. I am really pleased that things are coming together, but there is sooo much that could go wrong!

We finally have the room situation figured out. Each bridesmaid will have to contribute ~ $97 for sleeping, but that is for the entire weekend at a freaking resort! (Normally 200+ a night!)  My bridesmaids and I will have a meeting to discuss all the fun fun stuff.

My fiance and I also need to get to the courthouse and see what all we need to do for the legal stuff. UGH! Bye bye paycheck.

In other news: one of my best friends is coming to town! We get to spend the entire weekend together (whether she likes it or not. Mwaahaahaaa!) And we will be trying to do all our favourite things before she runs away to Japan for her Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) job, also known as JET (I think it is Japan/Japanese Exchange Teaching). She will be gone at least a year and possibly up to three years, which is kind of a bummer since I will greatly miss her. However, our last weekend, we will have to leave this with a BANG! Literally. It is Forth of July weekend and we will be doing fireworks, and having a party and who knows what else!

In case you haven’t noticed, I am really excited!

I have also decided for your boredom and perusal to put up a list of the movies I have watched (I watch a lot during work!) and some feedback, but that will have to wait for the next post when I actually type it all out. And remember it all. I will be looking for suggestions!

p.s. We pick up the rings on Friday and I will post pictures soon! 😀


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