In which I dislike difficult times.

This past weekend has been so full of craziness and insanity. I have been paying bills like mad and my check was short thanks to obnoxious taxes, “medicare,” etc. That has left me woefully behind in finances and I have literally zero money. Actually, I have negative money. Blegh.

Other than that, I had a great weekend. I didn’t spend much money but I had a blast with my friends. I also unfortunately didn’t remember to take pictures. I really should have! It was unfortunately the last time that I get to see one of my best friends in the entire universe before she goes to Japan for 1-3 years. I am actually kind of pathetic in that I am a very emotional person. Grieving isn’t helping, neither is financial stresses, and neither is wedding stuff.

We started late Thursday with some hangout time and some games. A really chill night when we just got together like we used to during the school year. If I remember right we watched some Avatar: The Last Airbender. They have been catching me up on it because when I do have money (or it hits Northern Lights) we want to go see the Last Airbender movie in 3D.  Anywho, it was a nice chill night.

Friday was also kind of chill. We had a party in the evening and we played Apples to Apples (we did this many times this weekend. It seems to be our game) and had a general good time. It was lots of fun. We made Indian Tacos (taco toppings on Native-style frybread) for dinner upon Alexis’ request. It was really really tasty and fun. Oh, and I picked up my wedding rings!!! I am so excited!

Saturday we went to Little North Fork for the day. We met up at about noon and took a picnic lunch out to the river and swimming hole. The water was freezing!!! So basically Alexis and I just kind of chilled out on rocks and watched the others swim. It was a lot of fun, too, with the seven of us out there. Our lunch was great! It included Chicken Noodle Salad, egg salad sandwiches, variously flavored chips, raspberries, carrots, and some all-natural soda. Overall pretty healthy fare. There was a lovely place where there was a whole bunch of butterflies, but some kids were throwing rocks at them and slashing the butterflies with sticks. I evilly wanted something to painfully bite them… It is horrible, I know.  But it was a nice, warm, fun day spending 4 hours on the water. Dinner was Adam’s Rib house, we almost all ordered Buffalo burgers and discussed how they were so much leaner than beef (seriously, they have to add fat to the meat to make burgers) and how unlikely Buffalo was to be found in Japan. Beef is really expensive there, so I cannot imagine how much Buffalo would be!

Sunday was a really chill day. We didn’t really have plans in the beginning of the day, which was okay. We had a lovely dinner at Ellie’s place and went down to the riverfront to watch the firework show. But a mishearing had us arrive at 7:15 for a show supposedly happening around 8… I guess what I had heard was we should arrive around or before 8 to get good spots because it didn’t get dark till 10 and fireworks started five minutes early, at 10:15.  Then we went back for rootbeer floats. Which was fun. Got back home and realized that Kitties don’t care about fireworks. A firework went off and the cat simply raised her head like “huh? oh, whatever,” and laid her head down again. It was funny.

Today my lovely had to leave to go home and prepare for her departure. We got together for brunch at 11ish and had a wonderful brunch! We had eggs, potatoes with a little cheese, and waffles. Oh, and the others ate bacon, which I don’t eat. I had water instead of coffee, since I don’t drink coffee. I know, picky picky, right? We played a game of Monopoly in which I was a great pest. It started with me only strategically buying property to keep people from getting monopolies. I was also very argumentative in why people shouldn’t give others monopolies. I gave the winner a really hard time. I traded without saying so out loud (via text!). I also favored “myself” (one of my besties) who was sitting right next to me by donating cash to her failing self…. well, I happened to put a large sum on the edge of the table and happened to knock it off stretching in which she happened to get a look of “pick that up”…. It is not against the rules! Nor is it against the rules to ‘horse trade’ by trading around what I know people want. I didn’t play to win… I played to incite chaos and play around. Unfortunately we had to just fold because we had to take Alexis to the station. Which was where I couldn’t help myself. I am really a pathetic person. I started crying before she got out of the car, and I held her like I was afraid to let go… a year really is a long time, and she may be gone for three. I will really miss her but I know that she is going to have a blast, be fine, and really get into it. She is very self sufficient, you know, and she can handle herself no matter where she goes. I have faith in her. She has a great personality, too, and that will help people love her and her kids get along with her. Oh, wait… she does not get along with small children… this will be interesting to see. Kidding, she will do wonderfully!

In random news, I have been watching this show called Dance Your Ass Off. I have three weeks from today until I get married and I need to drop a full dress size, perhaps two since I feel like I have gained weight. Which is not good in my condition. I kind of wish I could do this show, since you get to dance to get thinner and healthier. Mostly I want to fit my dress and be on the road to more healthy and keep up with my fiance.  I really want to. And I want to be able to keep up with my kids when they enter the picture.

Three weeks to the wedding!


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