Bridesmaid Event and Lion King

Friday, the car broke down. We are not quite sure what was going on. We tried fixing a few things, which didn’t work. So the current theory is that someone sugared the gas tank. If that is so, we are shot because we drove on that and the engine would be completely shot. We still have an oil leak. Ugh.

Saturday was fun! Started with a walk to the mall (due to broken car), followed by a brief meeting about important bridesmaid stuff including when we were going to the Wedding/Reception site and where we were staying, how food was going to happen, and how to afford everything. We then went and got their dresses, which all still fit really well. There were jokes about comfort zones being stretched, and much beautiful modeling by my bridesmaids. I am so excited!

Sunday we went to the Stage production of Lion King with my family. We went to brunch first, and I really liked it. I had fun with the family. As for the show… It was interesting, but very distracting. They picked voices close to the voices in the film (excepting Pumbaa), and their lines followed the film (mostly). The costumes were not like in the film, really, which was fine because people =/= lions. There were distractions with costumes, too, but they were mostly minimal. Except in the “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” segment. There was a couple in scant attire in bright green and orange, each with one bumcheek sticking out. The light contrast of the woman’s skin versus the outfit (which had light colored gauze at the top) didn’t stick out as much as the very dark-skinned male. It was also weird when Mufasa took off the mask/his head (?!) to talk to Simba… and had swords (which no one else had). Though the voices were similar to the film and delivery was similar, there were places where not just the lines were different but the entire demeanor and delivery was astoundingly far from the film. Some lyrics were different than in the film, too. Had they strayed almost completely, it would have worked a lot better than to follow closely and deviate at certain points. It was to the point to where Zazu  at one point said “This didn’t happen in the cartoon!”  Most of the new songs fit pretty well. The song where Rafiki mourns Mufasa and Simba’s deaths (well, Simba’s supposed death) was the only exception. It didn’t really fit.

There were some good points. Most of the songs fit well, and the actors had some great musicality. I liked how the audience was included in the play, breaking the fourth wall and making the aisles part of the production. The costumes were colorful and “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” was really fun to watch. There were things that I didn’t realize you could make look so cool on stage, like the way they did the stampede that killed Mufasa.

Monday was another wedding meeting with the officiate, Josh’s mamma and my mom, dad, and sister. We have pretty much everything nailed down. Now to make it there!


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