One week

Well, late start, today, but I just put in my application for a marriage license and asked if we can skip the waiting period. We were told we didn’t have to, since we get the license processed and approved the day we pay for it (wow!). We also didn’t need our birth certificates (which I was told beforehand I did) to get the license. They said they just didn’t need it. Go figure…. the three day waiting period starts from today and I can get married as of the 22nd and until sometime in September. Good to know. But I still plan to get married a week from today.

My next two weeks are so full! Work, getting the wedding stuff all together, Gym, shopping with mamma, finding appropriate stuff, packing for the honeymoon, getting married one week from today(!!), etc, etc.

I am in the midst of making a number of baskets for the giveaway. They are fun to make, but take time. I am doing this when I am not at work or the gym. Or doing other wedding stuff! Oh my goodness there is so much to do…


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