Wedding Weekend! Basic recap… :D

Yup! I finally got married! It was on our 6.5 year anniversary and we said our vows at HeHe Longhouse in Warm Springs, Oregon. So, because of all the lead-up, you have an entire post about just wedding weekend! Wedding weekend is from Friday to Tuesday night and started for me before that!

Since before that tuesday I had started packing things. In my dilligence I still forgot to pack our toasting glasses, the girlscout cookies my grandfather offered for the luncheon, and a few other things I cannot remember right now. Oh, and I forgot to get my song for my daddy-daughter dance (which didn’t happen because people ran away. SAD!!!)

Friday night was my bachelorette Party and Josh’s Bachelor party. The parties didn’t intersect, for which I was a little sad. I think it would have been fun if we had intersected. He went airsofting with friends (don’t know what airsoft is? Google it.) and then had pizza and played games at his friend’s house. No gentlemen’s clubs, no hooters, nada. I was all cool with it if he did go to those, though. He loves me and is marrying me, but he says that he only has eyes for me (cue “awww”) and that before me he wouldn’t have anyway.

I was gifted with dinner at Adam’s Rib House, where I got a full rack of beef ribs (and there were jokes about a full-rack for a full-rack kind of girl) and it was delicious. I ended up sharing, and it was fun. I loved dinner. This was followed by inappropriate gifts and a rousing game of apples to apples. Yep, our iconic game. We had winners and losers, and we spiced it up with the losers having to take a drink. Yay for everyone being over 21!

I was taken to Silverado (an alternative gentlemen’s club) and saw more of some men than I really needed. I did give a dollar to a guy who was doing push-ups during a handstand. And had done it multiple times!  I gave him the dollar and he saw my “bachelorette” sash and asked when I was getting married, congratulated me, and gave me a hug. It was very sweet. We then went to Boxxes, Red Cap and another little place in downtown. We got lost on the way there and again on the way back. I was taken to the dance floor by someone who never spoke but to ask how much I had to drink when the strobes made me trip over myself. I said I was gonna get my friend, went to where Elysabeth was, and when I returned he was gone. It was kind of creepy but I kept my slightly-fuzzy and addled head on my shoulders and realized it was weird before it got too weird. He started to dance a little too close for my comfort.

Got back to my place at 3am. I had to get up relatively early to put things in the car. Mamma called me and said she was almost in my town and I had to get downtown to try on spanks to go under my wedding dress to suck my fatty fattykins-ness and make me be less obviously huge. Though it didn’t really help. Then we started for Kah-nee-ta! We had car issues and had to stop 4 times to let the engine cool before we got there… that car is still in Warm Springs. Got in to Kah-nee-ta and there was confusion as to the rooms. But we all got into the proper rooms, me with  my girls and Josh with his guys.

View from our balcony at Kah-Nee-Ta

View from our balcony at Kah-Nee-Ta

My family was there, too. It was a lot of fun. We went to the pool where EVERYONE played “dunk the bride-to-be!” and I had been dunked over a dozen times.  Sunday followed really mellow with wedding preparations. These included, but are not limited to, trying on the dress, making the veil, and checking to make sure I have all the right jewelry. My daddy was nice enough to buy me a string of pearls, too! Well, they weren’t real pearls, but they were really dang convincing! Putting them next to real pearls, you couldn’t see a difference! It was really cool and really sweet of him. My daddy really is the most amazing daddy in the world! Sorry, everyone else, but really, you cannot have him and your daddy is not as wonderful as mine. 😛

Monday dawned bright and early and I was up at 7:30 (ish) and ready to go for my wedding. I had to go make chicken-noodle-salad (recipe will be posted eventually) for the luncheon. I singed my arm on the water faucet. Hot water is HOT there.

Everything ran late. People couldn’t find the place and people were late. It made me really sad… I got dressed and had to have lots of help.

Lacing up

Lacing up the back of my gown. I had to lean against the bathroom stall to keep from being pulled over backwards. It definitely sinched it all in! Thanks to Meaghan for the picture!

The dress had a lot of beautiful embroidery. I loved it! The one problem was a severe wardrobe malfunction. The dress had stays, but they did not go all the way up in the side, therefore the curved stays in the front had to bear all of my very large bosom, so it had issues staying up and my breasts were very on display. Also because of this issue, you could not see the lovely embroidery on the front of the dress. We should have checked and fixed the stays… Oops. Well, I know we definitely didn’t have time for that alteration on Sunday.

So, one of the things I did forget to do on my wedding day was (not eat, they made me do that!) I forgot to video tape the ceremony. So I am having trouble realizing that it really did happen. There is still this kind of shock that I have really done it. I have called him my husband in my mind for ages, but now I can tell everyone he is my husband. And as soon as my wedding license is in, my last name changes officially. This might mean I need to change my email address, since my name changed. Oh my goodness! It is still weird! And I wanted to show others who couldn’t make it the video of the wedding… I was too frazzled to remember the video camera, which was in my bag and right there! UGH!

We ate a brief lunch after the ceremony in the hot sun. I laughed at the wedding, but that was okay since we told the officiate that we didn’t want a boring wedding and we liked to laugh. I had to try not to cry when my mamma was crying during her part. You see, we weren’t given away. Our parents stood with us at first at when asked “who brings this groom/bride to this ceremony?” we each said “I do” and our parents followed with their own line. My mamma started crying and I started to tear a little, but was not wearing waterproof eyeliner so I couldn’t cry. Mamma made my bouquet, and my honey’s mom made his tie.(Okay, mammas made all the bouquets and corsages! Go Mamma-power!)

Wedding ceremony

A picture of the wedding ceremony. Thanks to Sunshine for snapping the pic. This was, I think, during the part where everyone was asked to bless us and promise to guide us and take care of us, etc, etc.

Honey’s auntie was our officiate, and she wrote a hilarious ceremony. We each wrote our own vows, and I spent so long to do mine. My honey almost started crying, though he won’t admit it. I am nervous in this pic, hence the head drawn back and the triple-chin issue. Daddy made the veil, which features dentallium shells (sp?)  and swarovski crystals (again, sp?). It is actually made in two parts, a small ribbon headband with five shells, and the veil proper which has other shells on it that frame my face. The necklace is the pearl one daddy bought me. Mamma altered the dress to be shorter (since I am short and wide, not tall and wide). My parents did so much work! They cooked, too! And his parents did as well. I am so lucky to have a wonderful family! I could cry right now! On my right hand side, you can see the eagle feather. Until I am married I wore it on the right, now that I am wedded I wear it on the left. That was the end of the ceremony.  (I will post the ceremony proper later!)

After lunch we had a giveaway (where we give things to the people who came). For those who don’t understand, we bless the items, then those in attendance line up and take things on the signal. It is impolite to leave anything, and you have to grab as much as you can and as fast as you can. If people don’t like what they get, it may end up in another giveaway… Basically? Looks like this:


Here are the children with their giveaway. They forgot some small candies, which then went to the adults.

So, in the giveaway, even the fabric that everything is on goes, so you get to grab grab grab! We did some really nice gifts at first, where we gave gifts to special people. They were grandparents, elders, people who did a LOT for the wedding and reception. (Rehearsal dinner was indian tacos and a lovely Auntie came and made all the frybread without being asked!) After the special gifts, the kids had a go then the adults had their go. It was a lot of fun and a lovely way to thank everyone for their attendance and gifts.

After the ceremony I helped clean until daddy yelled at me in a tone that almost made me cry. So I chilled until we loaded the gifts and went to the hotel where we opened the gifts and then went swimming. Then to the lounge for a few celebratory drinks. After which I was too floozy to do anything (not that I was too tired to… I was too fuzzy drunk. I am a light-weight you know!) and we cuddled and slept. Went home, fed the cats, went back to Portland area, then off on a bunch of planes on Wednesday (I hate flying!) and another post will be about the honeymoon later!


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  1. That’s so crazy, that you’ve finally done it. Congratulations! ♥

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