Honeymoon, days 1-3

Flying out on Wednesday was not entirely fun. I do not like flying. I hate turbulence, I hate takeoff and I hate landing. The only part of flying I am okay with is when we are leveled out in the air and can look down and the world is far far away. And perhaps that we weren’t going to fall all that way and hit the ground. Some tips for flying? Be sure to have plenty of comfortable clothing, wear comfy shoes or shoes that are easy to take off. Be sure that you have a sweater or something that you can use as a pillow or blanket while you attempt to sleep. Long flights? Well, sleeping is uncomfortable at best, so be sure to bring something to entertain yourself. Sadly, somewhere between getting off the plane and checking in to the Worldmark I lost the book I was reading. That makes me sad! My boarding passes (old ones from when we got down here) were in there and thus I have lost a keepsake for the wedding scrapbook. Alas!

Day 1, Wednesday, we just chilled in the room. We were tired after a long, long weekend of doing things. We arrived from the airport and it was too early to check in. We asked them to keep an eye on our main luggage and went to go find food. Food is good, you know. We found this cool Mediterranean/Persian place where we got a kabob platter and an appetizer of hummus. The kabob platter came with rice. All together, our food looked like this (subsequent three images):

Hummus, bread, and veggies

Here is a pic of the tasty hummus, the bread I couldn't pronounce, and the veggies that came with it. I only tried the radishes. Butter, peppers and limes didn't sound all that good to me.

The Rice

The rice that came with our dinner.

the kabobs

The Kabob plate. There was a veggie kabob, fillet Mingon, hamburger, and chicken. They were all really juicy and good, and the onions were actually sweet onions and very tasty!

We really enjoyed the lunch. It was a small hole-in-the-wall type restaurant that just sounded good. There were only a handful of tables and it seemed like the guy running the register was the owner, but that was just my impression.

We checked in and I followed with a 4.5 hour nap, after which I was still very very tired. Oh, oh so tired! We went to McDonald’s for dinner, where it was incredibly expensive due to taxes and higher prices.  I got a happy meal and yes, it made me happy.

See how happy I am?

See how happy I am? The toy will be a souvineir for my sibling.... She will like it.

I really liked my foods. Okay, it was pretty much cheap McDonald’s food, but it worked for how hungry I was.  I look so happy, right? Not really, but hey, it worked. There is also a picture somewhere of my honey with his dinner. It was very, very romantic to eat our dinners on the roof of the place we are staying at. Because romantic McDonald’s is good anytime. It was amazing.

We watched The Spy Next Door, the most recent Jackie Chan movie. It was cute and definitely a kid’s movie. It kind of made me wish I could have had a next door neighbor who was an international spy and was Jackie Chan.

Day 2 was mostly sleeping, chilling, etc. We went from the place we were staying to the nearest Alberstons and bought provisions for the week. Mostly things we knew how to cook quickly. Pretty much we hung out in the room afterward. Spaghetti with meat sauce was for dinner. We ate it and it was delicious. We also bought cookie dough for consumption. It, also, has been tasty. We found out, yesterday as we tried to cook, that the stove was busted and didn’t really heat except all the way on high. And on the highest setting the element never turned red.

Day 3, today, was lots of fun. I started the day unwell, unfortunately. But we went to the Horton Plaza Mall, and wandered around lost. We had a crepe which disappeared in a short amount of time. A very short amount of time. We also got the Go-San Diego card in order to go to Sea World, the Zoo, and everything in Balboa Park. We have lots of pictures of the plaza, which has Mexican, Hispanic, Latin American, and American influences, as well as a few eccentricities thrown in (EXAMPLE BELOW). We walked for a goodly amount of time and now my feet hurt.

Horton Plaza

Sorry for the blur. The camera has had issues since it was dropped recently. See the different influences?

We made a stir-fry-esque thing for dinner including potatoes, zucchini, onion, garlic, and chicken. We served it with chicken pilaf rice and a banana. It was delicious, and I am thinking Watermelon for dessert will be in order soon. Oh, they replaced the stove today! It works properly now.

Weather has been really chill, with clouds and it has not broken 75 degrees Fahrenheit here since we have arrived. According to the news it is not just us bringing Oregon weather (though for safety we won’t say we are from the Portland area), but the weather has been unseasonably cool all summer. Here’s to hoping it will be warmer tomorrow!

Until tomorrow’s adventures!

P.S. For kicks and giggles, these made me laugh:

I love the logo for this restaurant. It is so insanely bad. The title of the restaurant is "Great Kahn's"

The Teenange Mutant Ninja Turtles now have a screenprinting business! Isn't it amazing?


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  1. Mom Bruno says:

    And we were afraid you would be baking and broiling.

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