Honeymoon, Day 4

This one gets its own post, since it was really busy. We walked the 2 miles (according to google maps) to the Zoo. We went through a pretty rose garden and a cactus garden on our way through Balboa Park. There were many many cacti and roses. There was also a hollowed-out tree that looked like it was a willow that had been burned out and you can climb all over inside it. After the hour-long walk, we went in and enjoyed ourselves! We went all most all over the zoo.

Here is the map, borrowed from the website.

We skipped the Outback and the Urban Jungle, as well as the Pandas.  It only took us about three hours to see all we did see (11:50-2:50, literally). I expected it to take longer. After four hours of walking I was not too enthralled to keep walking too much longer.

We adjourned the zoo and went to the Japanese Friendship Garden. We were going to walk the garden, but it was closed for some private party that took up the whole teeny garden for the entire day. There were a lot of weddings and 15-year celebrations (honestly, I can’t spell the name of that Mexican celebration of girls surviving to the age of 15) today…We saw at least three wedding parties and many younger girls in shiny, pretty, expensive-looking dresses.

We got lunch at the Tea Pavilion, and some Sakuracha (supposedly. Tastes like really fake red). The following two images are the tasties.


This was the udon, minus fishcake and the Shiitake mushrooms. It was not too hot for the day, so it was nice. I liked my udon.

Salmon Teriyaki bowl

This was Josh's Salmon Teriyaki rice bowl. It was tasty (I tried a bite of salmon) and actually filled him up really well.

After lunch we walked to the Natural History Museum. It was five floors and not that impressive. There were the standard “local finds” exhibits about what fossils they have found in California, as well as a pretty gem show. Unfortunately, OMSI has as much if not more Natural History in it and it is a general science museum. Josh and I also had fun critiquing the science. There were some blaring issues with their “Geology” of the world and how the plate tectonics worked. Like the failed rift in Africa. Never showed up properly. And there was a big problem with their model of how the T-Rex moved. It’s leg bones were nearly intersecting the ribs. If you factor in muscle, ligaments, body systems and skin that walking pattern would not work. At all. The gem show was cool with a lot of different gemstones. I saw green garnets! The exhibit also discussed laboratory-grown gemstones and how they are real. They are not fake, but they are more available. The ones that don’t grow in the lab are more rare. It didn’t discuss how much more expensive non-laboratory gems are versus lab-created gems.

We got squished pennies from the zoo and the museum. We then walked the remaining 1.5-2 hours back to the resort (?) we are staying at. After a bit we thought we would go to The Melting Pot and get foodz, but a 4 course meal was $99/couple before taxes. We decided it was a no. Especially since the cheapest per-person meal was $20+. Sooo we walked back to the hotel and took some chill time.

A very, very long day over… now to rest and sleep so I can go to Sea World tomorrow!



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