Honeymoon days 5-6

Whew! I am so tired after all of this honeymooning thing. So after we went to the zoo (see Day 4) and killed our feet walking around. So, what do we do the day after? Well, we get up early and go to another amusement place!  Where do we go in San Diego after the zoo? (No, not Legoland, we couldn’t get there and back in a feasible amount of time today. I did want to go.) We went to Sea World!

The trip was fun, but took all day. We arrived at 11:30 after a long bus ride. The transit system here in San Diego rates pretty well, with a website and trip planner that reminds me of the Tri-Met system’s. For which I am pleased! I was sad to find that my new hometown doesn’t have an online planner that will tell you when to get on what and where… I had been very spoiled, I guess, by such a website. We used the planner to figure out how we were going to get to Sea World.

We arrived and went to the ticket counter. Thanks to our Go San Diego card we didn’t have to actually pay at the gate, and we skipped taxes. The card we chose was only good for three consecutive days, which is sad because there is way too much to do! It cost us a grand total of $338 for two three-day cards and we weren’t charged tax. Including Sea World, we used about $248 worth before taxes. With taxes, I am guessing it was about $260+. We didn’t break even, but that is probably their intent with making them three consecutive days only.

Sea World had an interesting deal: pay 39.99 (and then tax) and you can eat at any time as much as you want (supposedly) at participating restaurants and shops in the park. We decided not to do that, since we brought a bit of snack food with us. And to deviate on that note, I guess you can bring all the snack food you want, as in a backpack full, but you cannot bring in two small takeout containers from a Thai restaurant… more on this later.

We entered and waited for Josh’s auntie to join us. It was cute, she was slightly afraid to come along. She said she didn’t want to “intrude on the honeymoon.” I told her that we have a whole week in San Diego and we wouldn’t mind her coming along and visiting Sea World with us. Honestly, it was lots of fun!

So, to see how big Sea world is, I have included a map. It isn’t really all that big. The zoo was much bigger, even though we spent less time at the zoo. Also, for your viewing fun, a copy of the interactive map.

So... this is the map of Sea World, taken from the PDF. We pretty much went everywhere but the Nautilus Pavilion, restaurants, and rides.

We ended up doing this tour in two parts. We got in, went to see the Shamu show (I can’t remember if it was Shamu Rocks or Believe… I think it was Believe because there was a lot about dreams… and no rock music) and… wow. It was incredibly hokey! There was over-dramatic music, overtly dramatized voices, and they did the “Shamu Splash” where you take your right hand and hold it up, then hold your left hand up, then put your hands together to make a tail… then you chant “Shamu shamu” as you take your arms up and down… And yes, “Shamu” splashed.

It kind of made me laugh, since there have apparently been many “Shamu”s… the one in Free Willy is dead, sad to say. He was released into the wild and died since he couldn’t handle it. Many of the Orcas had curved fins, which I think is caused by too-shallow tanks. According to the sign, the “first Baby Shamu” was born in San Diego in “195x” I can’t remember the exact year, but it was long before I was even thought of.

After the show, we went to see the dolphins, and… well, almost everything in the middle. We saw the Sea Lion Live show, and Blue Horizons. The sea lion show didn’t take itself seriously (I mean, the girl came out in a banana suit) and was thus so much more enjoyable. Blue Horizons (the dolphin show) was much more hokey than Shamu. Though, Blue Horizons did boast some acrobats, it was insanely bad. In the campy, hokey way. They did, however, have the only two performing…. can’t remember the name of the… whales in the world.

After the Blue Horizons show we went out to eat. Josh’s auntie was kind enough to treat us to Lunner. We got to the restaurant at about 3pm. It was a lovely Thai restaurant where we ordered varied foods. I had chicken Pad Thai. Josh had Sweet & Sour chicken, and his auntie had Mixed Veggies with chicken. Josh and his auntie’s came with rice. It was all very good and, true to form on this trip, below are pictures of the lunner (minus the rice). I did not get pics of the pot-stickers or the fried spring rolls. We ate them too fast.

This was my chicken Pad Thai. It had some funky mushroom that I rejected, but overall it was good.

Josh's Sweet & Sour Chicken. It was pretty good.

Auntie's Mixed Veggies & Chicken.

After lunner, we went back to Sea World and saw all the rest of the exhibits. It was a lot of fun! I ended up with many, many pictures, which may end up on some kind of flickr or something. I also ended up with a sunburn where my t-shirts or tanktops usually cover. It was really painful, but seems to have disappeared.

Day six, today, has been really chill. We were going to go to either the Wild Animal Park or Legoland, but I overslept (and am still tired) and we couldn’t go. So we spend most of the day just chilling in the room.

Last thing we did was go to a dance club. Took us about 45 minutes of walking around to find one. For some reason the clubs were closed only on Monday nights, or were only open Thursday through Sunday. That was incredibly frustrating! Finally we found one (Henry’s on 5th Ave), I got a $3 drink with well-hidden alcohol (didn’t ask the name, though… prolly should have) and we danced for about half an hour before heading back. We had a long walk ahead of us and already had tired feet.

The folks on the dance floor loved us, though. They tried to imitate Josh and I, and I was invited Center Circle about three or four times. That was weird! Usually we just chill and dance in our own corner, which is what we were doing until an enthusiastic dancer from center circle saw Josh and I dancing… then we were invited to join and told to dance in the middle. It kind of reminded me of highschool dances… except there were alcoholic beverages available. And no chaperones.. and no Sr. Linda with her “leave room for the holy spirit” and “What would your grandmother say?” sign. (Reference specific to my High School.) We had sore feet and walked all the way (over 10 blocks) back.

And now? I am tired! I will be headed to bed soon.


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