Well, that tastes weird: Karintou

So, now for your first installment of “Well, That Tastes Weird,” with your host, me!

This past weekend I have eaten many things that I like from Japan. Sunday was Sukiyaki, and boy was it amazingly delicious. I was excited for leftovers for lunch this week. Yesterday I made Yakisoba for myself. The real stuff, not the knockoff found in this experimental cooking post. I had the proper noodles, veggies and sauce and it was really tasty. I liked it as a lunch for today.

Today I have been handed something (as a thank-you for helping with sukiyaki) by a Japanese-exchange friend of mine. It is called “karintou” and I cannot read most of the package. Kanji really kills me, since I don’t know it very well… I do know it says “oishii” which means “delicious” on it… and I can read that it is “black karintou” (but only after translating the kanji). Oh, and something about sesame… I will post the writing so people can decipher it for me. Maybe. Okay I lied.

THIS WAS WRITTEN ON 10 AUGUST 2010. Now it is being posted really late, but that is okay.  (Really, I thought I hit Publish…)


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