Good and bad, growing up and moving forward can suck

As you may have noticed, most of my posts are about being excited and looking forward to things, or reflecting on recent happenings. Or, in the case of Foods From Childhood, sharing what makes me who I am today (and delicious recipes from my mamma!). Today may not end up being more than a time for me to muse about the fact that growing up and going forward really can suck.

Soon after the honeymoon, my husband went to fix my car (which had broken down recently) and was gone for a good deal of time. He came back for a few days, then spend most of another week fixing it. We got it back on the night of the 18th. Well, on the 23rd he went to help with a family member’s dying car. All was going well until his return trip, where the car broke down at 1:15 in the morning and he wasn’t rescued till 2am. Car was stuck in park, so they left it intending to pick it up later in the day. When it was going to be picked up early on the 25th, it was gone.

We called police in three different areas and finally State police called ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation). All of this was to see if it was towed by the city (since it broke down on the freeway, only ODOT or police would have taken it.) and where it might be. They all said they didn’t do it, so it was stolen. That sucked since it was JUST fixed and so much money was put into it… and my husband’s brand new shoes we were going to exchange for a bigger size. Now it is reported with the Oregon State Police as stolen. I really have bad luck with cars.

But perhaps that means that it wasn’t supposed to be my car. We have had almost nothing but trouble with it since the beginning, trying to get it in our names and licensing it. And then to have it break down right about the wedding… and again right after the engine was completely taken apart and fixed (didn’t replace the tranny that time, and that was our mistake. oops.). So that means we really need to get a new car. I am thinking no more $400 cars, since they have been giving us nothing but trouble.

In other unfortunate news, I was rejected for two of the jobs I applied for. One because another person was just better, the other because when I recycled my cover letter I didn’t proofread it close enough and accidentally left a paragraph that didn’t belong. The people said that because they needed someone with attention to detail, it was a big strike against me. It makes me sad because I had other good points they loved (thought would have liked more water testing experience). Likely, if I hadn’t messed up I would have been able to get at least to the interviewing stage. They didn’t say that, but it is how their message made it feel.  That kind of sucked since it would have been a good job and it would be a good step forward and along my career path, even if it was just an internship.

On the flip side, there has been some very good forward movement recently!

For one, I got a phone call from one place I applied for an Environmental Education job. They called to ask if I would be interested in a “casual meeting to exchange information and ask questions of one another,” which was “not an interview” but would “give you (me) more information if down the line they decide to do interviews.”

For one, any time that a potential employer wants to get to know you, it is an interview. I am hoping that good casual behaviour will get me a definite shoe-in. I plan to bring my graphic design portfolio (though it is rather pithy) and some of the lessons I have taught at Outdoor School, including some things I started doing myself. Songs and suchlike. I think it will also help to show some of the webdesigns I have done. I can’t remember entirely what they wanted (the qualifications they were looking for) in the initial post, but it will look good that I am so prepared.

Another good thing to happen today is my one-month wedding anniversary. To celebrate we borrowed a vehicle and went to change my name on things and do a few errands. Now we have groceries, cat food and litter, and I have a new License with my married name (hardcopy coming soon!), and my bank account is now in my married name. I have also put my husband on both of my accounts now and we are in process of entirely consolidating our funds so we no longer have “my money and your money” but will have “our money,” which we will need to start discussing how we will spend it. It will be a good way to practice communication, because if we lack it our marriage won’t do so hot.

Tonight we intend to go out for a nice dinner, which we haven’t been able to do in a while. It will be lots of fun.

Despite how growing up (bills and responsibility, yuck!) and moving forward (getting a new car, new job…) can suck, it can also be really fun and exciting (bank accounts, potential new job). And it always gives one something to think about, this growing up business.

Well, why not? Forward! Life awaits. Even if it sucks sometimes.



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