Watchlist updates

Well, after so long I thought I should update my “watchlist,” or, the list of things I have watched at work.

As of today, my list includes:

68. MIB (forgot this one before)
69. Bones – 10 episodes
70. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu – 3 episodes
71. The Newlywed Game (2000s version) – 5 episodes
72. So You Think You Can Dance – 2 episodes
73. Criss Angel: Mindfreak – 21 episodes
74. The Black Cauldron
75. The Sword in the Stone
76. Perry Mason – all 39 episodes on fancast
77. America’s Most Smartest Model – 9 episodes
78. Inspector Gadget (original) – 5 episodes
79. Pebble and the Penguin
81. Dancing With the Stars – 6.5 episodes

Yup. I have been pretty busy. But I am always working while I watch, which is why my boss doesn’t mind it. I get a lot of work done.

Some thoughts about the shows/movies:

Inspector Gadget… man, I wonder about that show. We used to watch that as kids, my sisters and I, and I didn’t realize then how stupid he really was. His niece and his dog did everything for him. That wasn’t too fair.

America’s Most Smartest Model. Funny. As. All. Heck. It astounds me how “intelligent” people think they are, or how sexy. Seriously, there was a duck-faced imbecile and an intelligent handsome man and a Soviet who was always bitchy and angry. To give some personalities. And some of their challenges are hilarious! I would HATE to have to do some of that stuff, like need to answer questions or decode something just to go to the bathroom or get in the fridge.

The 2000s version of the Newlywed Game was raunchy. Very raunchy. Everything was about “it.” But it was kind of funny to see how well they know/don’t know each other. Makes me wonder what would happen if Josh and I were to play. I might fail.

So, there are a few impressions. Perry Mason I watched because it was ridiculous and silly, but interesting at the same time. Some of the old shows are pretty okay.


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