A Cooking Blog?

Yes, after watching the film “Julie & Julia,” I am really thinking I should separate my blogs. I am not entirely sure what I should call it, or if it would even be read…  Really, I have no dreams of grandeur from watching the film. I don’t expect to be widely read at all. Mostly these recipes are ones I found either online or in cookbooks and have altered to fit my tastes. Or made up, hence “Experimental Cooking” as a category.  There are some I don’t alter too much, mostly those are “Foods From Childhood” and too good to alter.

I will still post them here for those who want to also read about my day-to-day life. So it will kind of duplicate. But for those who just want to access recipes, it might be easier. I am still not so sure. I do post them all here, so maintaining two blogs may be a hassle.

SO! I will figure it out soon.


About N B

Artist, critic, friend, and rambly-ponderer.
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