Poll time.

Dear Readers,

I got a lot of clicks to my blog today (over 30, my usual is about 0-3 a day), but I wonder if it is just because I posted on FB that I wanted to up the pageviews. But I realized quickly that wasn’t what I wanted… I wanted to have someone read the posts, think about them, and maybe try my recipes.

If you try the recipes, I want comments to let me know how it went.

And if you read my posts, I would love to have a discussion or see different points of view.

It is hard to grow as a person and go Forward(!) in life without listening and learning. I may not agree with you and we may aggressively debate (sometimes known as arguing), but the conversation will open new thoughts for both of us. We can find out the depth of our beliefs and why we believe them, and then may have an even stronger grasp of ourselves or just more conviction in our beliefs. (Conviction is not something I often lack, so if we start a debate, be ready! It will be fun! :D)

So here it goes: the poll.


About N B

Artist, critic, friend, and rambly-ponderer.
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