My Nephew’s First Trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Yes, it is a ridiculously long title, but at least it tells you exactly what this post is going to be about. My family has always played into the commercialization of All Hallow’s Eve. I adore the excuse to dress up and no one will look at me funny. I also like to get the candy and go to the parties that generally happen at this time. Sadly, I am too old to trick-or-treat now and I lack the excuse of small children around to go trick-or-treating with them. I don’t have neighbors close enough as friends to do that with this year, either. Sigh.

You might remember that about one month ago I wrote a post reflecting on birthing and new life based around my brand-new nephew! Well, two days ago he celebrated his one-month birthday. As a part of our celebration, we went shopping and then to the Pumpkin Patch!

Dimitri at 1 month old. We were getting ready for the pumpkin patch. The hat was a tad too small but it looked adorable. There were even matching shoes!

Jessie and Elle at the pumpkin patch as we were waiting in line to get our tickets. We were really excited to be there and we were eager to have fun!












My little sister Jessie was going to go that day as part of her girl-scout thing, they were offering special tickets for the scouts and their chaperons. $8 covered the hay ride, the pumpkin-pult, the corn maze, the hay maze, and one pumpkin less than or equal to 8 lbs. We couldn’t find Jess’ troupe, so we went around just Jess, Elle, Dimmi, and myself. We started with the corn maze. We were stuck in there for an hour or so, after getting lost. We actually only hit about 3 of the dead ends.. okay, four if you count the loop of doors. The maze is themed each year. Two years ago the theme was Alice in Wonderland and there were traces of the decorations all around, as well as star wars decorations from last year. R2D2 guarded the corn maze.

So there were all sorts of silly puns inside the corn maze, along side some very informational areas. I found out that ladybugs will excrete a bad-smelling yellow substance in an attempt to get rid of the predator (called “reflexive bleeding”) and can live off their fat for nine months! There were also some that were musical-themed (The section on fleas was a dog singing “I’ve got fleeeeeaaaas, they’re multiplying and I’m looooosing control”).

This is an example of a bad pun we found in the corn field.

A rolled-hay (or is it straw?) spider. He was kind of cute.

Yeah, it was a lot of hokey stuff, but it is fun. We were doing pretty well. My nephew slept through most of it, until the correct path included a platform where you have to climb some stairs, walk about 10 feet, then walk down some stairs… this would be all fine and good if we didn’t have Dimitri in the stroller throughout the corn maze! It was NOT stroller friendly, that’s for sure! I wonder how people in wheelchairs could get through. I wish they had that in mind when they built it… there seemed to only be that one way to get to the exit! Or had signs that it was not stroller or wheelchair friendly. People cheered when we got to the top, yay teamwork! They laughed as we went down, then surged past us as we stopped blocking the path. Oops, baby created a roadblock.

Next we went through the hay maze. Rather, Jess and I did. Elle and Dimitri stayed outside where she fed him and changed his diaper and such. The hay maze is designed for you to roam around in the dark, but glo-sticks were available for purchase for $1 (for a dinky little one) for a light source. I was told there were varied levels inside and that I should watch my head and keep my hands in front of me. Jess went ahead of me and we did fine until one point where she said “duck when you reach my arm.” So I did duck, but it wasn’t “duck” for me as much as it was “crawl on your hands and knees.” Hope if my 6’6″ tall dad goes through he will be forewarned! I am only 5’3″ and I had to crawl! Anywho, excepting the head bonk it was fun!

We didn’t end up pumpkin-pulting (though Elle seemed sad we didn’t do it) or hay-riding because the lines were excessively long. I swear, the entire universe -okay, all of the Portland-Metro area – was there! It was insane for so small a farm. We went here (caution, badly designed website and might hurt eyes and brains of viewers). Probably because of the Girl-Scout day. A billion troupes and their chaperons were there. Oh, we decided Elle was Jess’s chaperon, but I was Elle’s since she had a baby and severe baby-brain!

Anywho, as for the free pumpkins included in our ticket, we managed to pick some out that were beneath the weight limit. We also picked out decorative pumpkins and bat-winged gourds for my mom’s table. It looked much fancier after she added them. To see our spoils, here is a picture (note, Dimitri had his own liiiittle pumpkin, also pictured).

See? Gourds all in a bag and three leetle pumpkins. Mine weighted the most at 6.5 lbs, it is the one with some green to it still.

Dimitri and his little pumpkin. Just the right size for that little boy! πŸ˜€ When we got to the house and showed it to him he staaaared at it!

So, yes, that is me buying into the system. I also have candy to give out to trick-or-treaters and will be attending a party on the 30th (that I am half-hosting). Elle has offered for me to help chaperon Dimitri with trick-or-treating, which sound fun, but that baby is very loved and too many chaperons gives the game away.

I had a lot of fun with my sisters, it was a great sisters-and-baby day out and I would LOVE to do it again sometime. It would also be fun to go with all 9 of the family, too. Or 10 if my hubby can come along… the numbers grow if you include husbands and boyfriends of the respective eldest four daughters.

Yay family time! I also enjoyed seeing people I hadn’t seen in a while at church that morning, but that wasn’t the highlight (except spending mommy-time! Sadly, homework kept mamma from going to the pumpkin patch. Math. Eeeeew. She was working on Polynomials while I was there. EEW!)

Until next time.


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