Gubernatorial Race

So the Gubernatorial Race is ending for this lovely year. I haven’t followed it… but my show was interrupted by “breaking news” bulletin that Dudley has conceded the race for Oregon’s Governor (can you tell where I live?). He was nice enough to call Kitzhaber and wish him luck, and was then going to go eat tasty Mexican food. Yup, they caught him on the way to dinner. How rude! Let the man eat.

First, I should say that the word “Gubernatorial” is really really weird and makes me laugh. I can’t take anything seriously if if has “Guber” in its name. I don’t know the entomology of this word, but a Guber is that sticky thing you pick out of your eye, or gross bits of food clinging inside the butter. Seeing a trend? It is basically something that is gross and doesn’t belong in something else. So a gubernatorial race, in my brain, means racing to pick some gross thing to put inside something else for the whole nation to see and deal with. Not really appealing. Sounds, actually, like a huge joke.

I didn’t vote this year. (Pause for your rants on how I was a bad citizen and my vote counts and I should have done it.) There are two excuses as to why I didn’t vote, but it boils down to I was lazy. I was too busy with my job and dealing with stressful situations to properly research each candidate and in my down time I was searching for a job instead of searching out who would be a good candidate for this temporary office. I know whomever wins will have a great big say in what goes on in my state, but I was looking at different things (like keeping an eye on family, friends, plans, and dealing with my husband getting in an accident, rent, bills, finding a job….)

Second, I am horrible when it comes to politics. I am an argumentative person and I can argue these darn things for a while, but I can’t keep focus for long enough to make an informed decision. I get bored of politics and lose interest quickly. And because I could care less, I put my ballot down and thought “I will research this later” and then stuff was shifted around in my house and I lost my ballot. Oops.

I guess I am okay, though, since I would rather not make a decision than cast a vote with not enough information. An uninformed vote is just as much of a throwaway as not voting, really. You need to know exactly what you are voting for when you vote for person A or person B. I would rather make an informed decision and choose someone who really fits in my goals and my ideals for this state and country. So I guess I am okay with losing my ballot somewhere in my apartment.

There is so much coverage of this thing. I saw a friend’s status on Facebook today that read “is glad that those stupid electoral commercials are over for the next year and a half,” and I agree. I am too! There is so much name-calling in those that I wonder why those people are supposed to be good for our economy, our jobs, or our lives. They sound like whiny, argumentative, name-calling children to me. “Hey, you should pick me because he lies and they are bigger lies than my lies!” and “He was too depressing, so pick me (then runs a similar commercial later)”….

I know that the Governor’s seats are not the only ones up for vote. There are a fair number of seats that need to be filled… But that is the one I have heard most about. A friend strongly supports a particular candidate and was saying, “but this person did XXXX and voted to remove a dam from XXXX. I thought you would like this.” I said, “but that is one thing and I need to know more about this person before I vote for or against.” This friend is luckily very understanding. I am glad that he had a politics job that goes so well with his politics major. πŸ˜€

We shall see what the results of the races this year mean for the next two years…. Hopefully it will be better and jobs and other things will get better.


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