The day I played hooky

Yup. After a rough weekend that was followed by a rough week, I decided to just take a day off and play hooky. How does that work, you might ask? (C’mon, pretend you did.)

First of all: no phone, no email, no social networking, no answering the door (signage saying “do not knock except for emergency” helps with this one). We followed up with: don’t do any chores (but the necessary ones for the animals like feed them, cat box, water, etc.).

What did we do with our empty day? Well, I slept a good deal of the morning and into the afternoon after a laaate night dealing with my phone. At about 2am (before the clock swapped back an hour), my phone suddenly decided to do the white screen of death. It didn’t respond to anything and I finally in exasperation restarted it. As in pushed the home button and sleep/off button for ten seconds and let it do its thing. I have had this phone for about three years and I am really bad at updating the software… so I decided it wanted updated and plugged it in. Too bad my cord was fraying, because it kept disconnecting if you even breathed on it. So the backup failed and my phone flipped out more and I was suddenly faced with a phone with all my contacts, no photos, and 1/2 of my apps. I got my apps back, but not my photos. Good thing I backed those up not too long ago.

So I was up really late and was really frustrated. Then I was awoken early by my cats, who decided that 6:30am was a great time to run across the bed and step on mommy, then meow at me like mad. So I dealt with them (kicking them out of the bedroom and trying to get them to stop scratching so much until we can flea bathe them) and tried to go back to sleep. I succeeded in going into vivid dreams that left me feeling unrested. My downstairs neighbors woke me up with the him shouting at the her that she was a “worthless piece of sh!t, and that is [her] good quality!”  Not what you want to hear on your romantic, mind-saving day off. So I was frustrated and feeling sick from bad emotions and a sleepless feeling and decided to try this sleep thing one more time. My husband cuddled me till he was hungry, then silently slipped off to eat something.

We had a really late breakfast and then made sandwiches and drove down the hill to the park. Before that we dressed up, making it a nice lunch date. The park was damp and cold, and we couldn’t find a good place that wasn’t soaked or temporarily inhabited by annoying people. What did we do? We made the best of it and sat under the gazebo, spread a reed mat on the table and set up our sandwiches, fruit and apple cider and just enjoyed each other’s company. My husband was sweet enough to run the 50 feet and get my coat, which I sillily forgot in the car, when I got chilly. Yes, sillily is now a word.

We finished the picnic and went to visit the kitties at the cat shelter. We found out that all but food and litter was covered if we decided to help foster homeless kittens that have been abandoned, abused, or have had mothers die. We wanted to do that, since we believe it is better than letting them loose to reproduce or die. They will be fixed and cared for (medically) at no cost to us. We get to help these kittens get a good home and keep them healthy and safe. AND we get our kitten fix. We just can’t fall in love with them and adopt them, which, with my two other cats, I think I can be okay with. We got to pet the cats in the shelter and even got to see the sick cats. One of the vets remembered us and said we should definitely be foster parents because we are such good kitty-parents.

Afterward we went shopping to get resume paper for job-hunting, resume envelopes to put the resumes in, printer ink so we could actually print said resumes, a bath mat (since ours was unfit for use), dishwasher soap, and a new USB cord for my phone. I followed this with getting my hair cut and my husband got a sandwich for us to share at subway since we spent a long time wandering around and lunch was smallish. Lunch was at about 1pm, and this “snack” was at about 6:30. We had planned to go to the Ram at 9 for their 1/2 off night, which is why we only snacked at the usual dinner time.

After shopping I had a headache, probably caused by spending too much time in the zombie lights of the store.  We discussed our options for dinner. Half off at the ram, fast food, Hometown Buffet, making dinner at home, and/or Applebees for their 2 for 20 deal. We tossed ideas back and forth and finally decided that we didn’t know what we wanted to eat, so it warranted the buffet where everything was included and two people was about $24, including drinks and dessert. That definitely beat out Applebees and the Ram.  So, dressed in our fancy clothes we went to the Hometown Buffet, where I was frustrated with lack of labels on foods including meats, the lack of “not working” signage on the broken ice cream machine, and was curious what was done with the food and if we could take un-keepable food with us so it wasn’t thrown away. Manager was visibly annoyed that signage was not up for non-working machines, and was sorry that food was not labeled. He said corporate took all of their labels away and gave them certain labels to only put up at certain times. I said, “Okay, and if you can’t get corporate to fix it, let me know. I will.” It is dangerous! Thank goodness I am not severely allergic to food (just a mild allergy that may be nearly obsolete for pork), but were I, it would be important to know what meats are in the foods. Poor manager, he said he has frequently brought up this allergy issue, but corporate doesn’t seem to care. 😦   Oh, and no, we cannot take the food that cannot be reused, they just have to throw it away because the GM won’t allow it to be given away. WASTEFUL, MUCH?!! Ugh. At least the manager disagrees with the system, too.

Oh, how did I find out the ice cream machines were broken? I wanted to get frozen yogurt (since it was a little healthier) and this table was laughing at me as I tried to figure out why there was just one lever on the dispensers. A little girl came up and giggled “It doesn’t work. It’s broken,” and ran off giggling. A worker was laughing and had let that table in on the joke instead of discreetly telling me that it wasn’t working.

So I was frustrated and came home and made no-bake cookies. I ate two and called it good. My husband kept eating them so I had to take them off their wax paper and put them in a tupperware container. He still gets into them, he is addicted!

We ended our hooky-strike when our neighbor knocked. We figured it was an emergency (because of said sign idea for the door) and opened the door. It wasn’t an emergency, she just returned some borrowed stuff… so we invited her to join us watching our movie and for some cookies.

I wanted to check FB so bad at bedtime to make sure the world survived without me, but didn’t even check my email until I woke up today. I checked FB for the first time this afternoon. The world was intact, even though some sad things happened to people during my day of strike. Some good things happened, too. I survived without texting anyone, calling anyone, or checking my email. One day of no-contact was tough, but it was useful to try and untangle my brain.

I think next hooky-day we will definitely plan ahead. Maybe a coastal visit staying in a nice bead and breakfast. That sounds really nice. My friend suggested a nice one she stayed at. 😀  I am thinking it will go better than this one did…

For the last thought: what do you think of my haircut?

This is with my hair up, showing off the framing/bangs. Good news is that she listened and didn't cut it shorter than under my eye, or else it would really be a problem... she saw how crazy it was that short when she cut it and it curled up on her while still wet...

For comparison, this is my hair down. See? Not too much has been cut off, just a bit off the front and the ends.


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