800 page views!

It is not really big for those bloggers who are instantly very popular, but for me it is a big deal! I have, as of right now, gotten 800 page views (it is even at this moment).  Looking back, I can say this is in part due to the almost-50 post day and the fervor that followed it.

I need to post new recipes soon, especially ones from my childhood. I also need to post installment 2 of “Oh, the spam…” because I have gotten some new fun ones.

However, in today’s news, I have been very busy of late trying to find a new job (mine ends December 22), and working on new artwork. There was an art sale on Thursday (yesterday) and I had to get a lot of stuff done for that. I tried a new choker, but that sold entirely, so I am gonna have to go buy supplies to make more of them. I will post a picture of it in my art blog as soon as I make another copy of it. There were two versions so far, one with mixed jasper stones and the other with jade. The main center piece is grass quartz carved into a lovely, graceful leaf.

I felt very productive. I finished a basket, which sold in about ten minutes. I made a smallish Christmas-themed basket (pictures to come in my art blog soon!), and started another. After two hours I was about 1/3 done, so it will be a bit of a bigger one.

I was sitting there working on a basket when a woman came by who worked for the City in the Environmental Sciences department, so I was thrilled to speak to her! I told her I recently graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts in Environmental Science and I am looking for a job in that field. She was excited and I told her I had a resume on hand if she was interested. She was and took it, as well as a disk which had a number of things I had done on it (powerpoints, my thesis, a risk assessment I did, and some graphic design) for her to look at. I offered to send her my transcripts if she was interested. I am anxiously awaiting any word from her and will call her next week if I don’t hear from her… or Monday the week after, since next Thursday is kind of Thanksgiving.

After that, I thought all the big excitement was over, but at the very end of the show some meeting let out and we were suddenly descended upon by a number of people who were eager to try and catch us before we packed up. I waited to pack up for about 20 minutes and it definitely payed off! I made a great trade, and that was followed by a flash-creation and a big sale. For the flash-creation, a young man wanted a choker and was interested in the newest choker, but didn’t like things hanging down and getting in the way when he looked down. I said I had everything on hand and could make him one really quick and he said sure. He payed and waited as I made a choker in about 5-10 minutes flat. The big sale? A young woman from Hawaii was visiting the show before heading back to Hawaii because she wanted to bring a lot of Native American crafts as gifts and souvenirs (the show was all Native American artists, in honor of Native American History Month, which is November if you don’t know). She bought all three of my new choker design, a matching bracelet, and two earring/bracelet pairs. The entire order probably came to about $100, but I felt bad charging her so much after she bought so much (and had to take it all the way back to Hawaii), so I cut her a deal and it all went for $80. But hey, she cleared about half my stock of jewelry. I better get on making more…. if it snows and gets icy like it is supposed to I may have some good time to.

So that is a synopsis of my past few days in a nutshell. This weekend I have to take inventory, take new pictures for the old stuff on my etsy site, take pictures of my new stock to post,  post the new stuff, get new supplies, get stuff for my car (like chains for the upcoming snowy season), and sleep. It has been a very busy week and next week will be very busy too.

That’s all for tonight.



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