Oh the spam… Part deux

You remember “Oh the Spam…” where I posted ridiculous comments for your amusement.

So here we go! The format will be “On Post Name: Comment — My Response.”

1. On I Can’t Think of a Fitting Title...: nice a day Forward! Life Awaits. , i review your blog , be a nice blog and greatly. Good for me. a lot of Asian-Inspired and Bennett content. i will visit to read and review your blog. —  Oh, really? I am not sure if I should say “thank you”… nice to know a Web-hosting company likes my family stories and Asian-Inspired food. Glad it was good for you.

2. On Oh, The Spam…: sweet —  I am glad that silly comments are sugary and tasty for you.

3. On Dinner Double-Header: give me now — Well, you can make it if you would like, but you might need to have some help making it.

4. On I Can’t Think of a Fitting Title...: nice a day Forward! Life Awaits. , i review your blog , be a nice blog and useful. Best for me. useful Wedding and 60 years content. i will often to read and comment your website. —  Thank you, I am surprised you commented twice on the same post and liking it. It was the same comment, too, with some slightly changed portions.

5. On Gubernatorial Race: great one — Uhm. What was so great? I ranted about the silliness of the word, among other things.

6. On The Day I Played Hooky: Ah — Was that really worth the effort, Limewire spambot?

7. On 800 Paveviews!!!: one can argue that it can go both ways —  Really? Frostwire.. what can go both ways?

8. On Movie Update 9, Nov 2010: makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages —  Oh, where was not much in there that is about drinking at all… which film makes you want to drink alcoholic beverages?

Not much witty commentary here, but that was what I was thinking when I was reading these comments. The last one may actually be a real person (at least it linked to a real livejournal account), but it seemed just not to fit my post, really. Most of those are children’s films, and those that weren’t didn’t really have that much alcohol or such things in it.

IN OTHER NEWS… I had a very busy Thanksgiving weekend in which I saw family, finally saw my grandmother’s grave, got a cold/sinus issue, got little work done, had three Thanksgiving dinners, and was in the car for a long time.


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