1000 pageviews! And general updates

Wow. I looked at my site stats because I was curious how many times my dear readers have read my various posts and visited the blog, etc, today. I was surprised to see that I have (as of writing this post) gotten 1,000 pageviews! This does seem to include clicking a specific post or page as well as when the “home” page is visited. But to me it is exciting because it means that you are actually reading my work (and possibly in some cases re-visiting favourite posts or recipes!)

Since last I blogged, the situation has not seemed to improved in that quarter. I honestly haven’t tried yet nor seen much of either of my downstairs neighbors. I am actually not looking forward to it if they are still angry because, despite my spit-fire inner child, I don’t like conflict and though they don’t have to like me I do have to live above them… Makes it easier if we at least can be civil with each other. If not, oh well, I don’t see them too often.

I have since also received my order from Barnes and Noble online. We ordered a number of movies, a few books I had been missing from my library and wanted to replace, and some cookbooks. We have a soup cookbook that sounded tasty, one from the popular TV show “Barefoot Contessa,” entitled Family Style, and a book entitled Everyday Harumi, which showcases various easy Japanese recipes that are able to be made on any day of the week. I am really excited to try some of the recipes I have been reading! I may modify them as I see fit, but I adore cooking and baking, so it seemed like a good thing to do. It also helps expand my horizons and broaden my cooking experience.

Since we have gotten new movies and books I have noticed that we are lacking adequate storage in which to keep all of these things and a trip to purchase a bookshelf and maybe a proper entertainment center or TV stand with storage space may be in the near future. It may also help us clear up the clutter in my house… I hate the clutter but am too sentimental to throw about half the stuff out. The other half I am actively using (I reread books like mad, and rewatch movies, too!) and don’t want to get rid of. Okay, not quite half of both… there are things that I could let go of, and hubby can too. That is the process of weeding all that stuff out. And after two years we are still figuring out where everything goes… wonder if it is a sign.

I have made a stronger friendship with the person I was calling “Neighbor B” in my last post. We have gotten closer since she defended me and we have actually gotten to know each other. Sometimes I am a sounding board and sometimes she is, so it has been a healthy relationship thus far. I am pretty sure it will continue to be such since we both seem to be good at being upfront, fair, and open with each other. We don’t come into it with assumptions and are pretty good at just dealing with things as they come and letting things be what they are. I am hoping that this will be a great friendship that will last after I have moved out of this complex (which is likely going to be before too long since work may move us to who-knows-where when we get jobs!) and that it won’t end in some horrible way. I hate when that happens.

In other news, I have been able to get great feedback from people that like my recipes (mostly on facebook or in person). SO the debate is back on if I should make a blog that is solely recipes, or just continue how I am doing it. I am thinking of just continuing because I doubt I could go without adding personal details and already know I am a failure at keeping multiple blogs (as evidenced in my art blog not being updated in a while…). But some people don’t wanna know the rest of my business and just want the recipes, which I think is what makes it harder to just decide.

ANYWHO….. I want to give a great big THANK YOU! to everyone for the 1,000 pageviews! I hope you will continue reading and that I actually post interesting things in the future instead of rambles like this.


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2 Responses to 1000 pageviews! And general updates

  1. I vote you keep all your blog things together. Because I’m bad at checking multiple blogs for the same person. And, clearly, that’s what really matters here.

    Unrelated, I’m about to do a State of the Alexis blog post, mostly to explain what I’m planning to do when my contract ends in July, and it all involves moving to OR. I know my standard of cleanliness is a bit neurotic compared to yours, but I will probably be in the market for house or apartment mates within the next 6 months to a year and I can compromise. Just, you know, putting that out there. ♥

    • N B says:

      Thanks for the input. I am leaning more towards that too, but still trying to figure it out.

      How goes the hand? I saw you posted the other day!

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