Meet My Family!

As you have gleaned from my posts, I live in Oregon, USA in an apartment with my husband and my two “children” (read: cats) Domino and Princess. I thought I would amuse you with anecdotes about them today (as I am feeling inspired by my goofy feline children).

I guess I will first introduce you to myself. I am a young adult trying to make it in the “adult” world. Let me tell you, with the unemployment rate of 20% and my internship having just ended, it is a tough place to stand. I have somewhat successfully been paying bills thus far and still living rather comfortably, so I can’t complain too much. I will hopefully get assistance until I get my new job (somewhere?). Any job, really, will do, since I learned new skills everywhere I have gone thus far and any new skills will be useful to the future. Please, powers that be, keep it from being a horribly monotonous one. I die when there is tedious monotony.


Yup, this is me. As proof of my silliness I decided on this ravishing image from my recent trip to Leavenworth, WA. This was a pricey photo to take but a ton of fun!

I have a bit of weight to take off, product of a rather sedentary lifestyle that I am hoping to change in the near future. I would rather be extant longer and become extinct later. I am a tad eccentric and quite scatter-brained and rambly. I apologize for the latter.

This is my husband. We were married this year, as you know, and will be going on 7 years together on the 26th of this month!!! I am really excited by this. I know we celebrate every year, but every year is another to celebrate! He is also a tad eccentric and quite the gamer! Hence the joke in the photo… He is a few years older than me, but if anything looks younger. Hobbies include airsoft, computer games, running, exercise, dancing, singing, drumming, poking fun at his wife, teasing his wife, and spending time with the people he loves.

See? We should get this gaming thing under control... Too much Halo killed him....

Also rather comedic, the two of us have a hard time being serious for too long. As my mother once said, “When God created the world he made a huge joke, and if he doesn’t take it seriously, why should we?” I will stand by that.Β  It is also better for your psyche and physical well-being to be silly and laugh more than you are serious and cry. Fun fact.

On a more serious note, he is such a wonderful husband! I started writing this post two days ago and then fell prey to a gross stomach bug. He was nice enough to buy me medicine at midnight, get me the few things I could stomach (yay vitamin water for the win!), and hold the bowl while I was about to empty my stomach. He was silly enough to draw a smiley face on the bottom of the bowl and say “Hit the target! :D”Β  and hold back my hair. Man, I love him!

Now for the stars of the show! My two little darling girls! We brought these two little munchkins into our home about a year and a half ago and they have provided us with endless amusement. I have many stories about these two and their hilarity! I don’t think I would have survived this past year and a half without them (especially when hubby is away!)

This is my little Princess, and boy does she live up to her name. If you call her and you don’t have anything she wants, she will give you a “what is with this?” look and sniff and turn away. She won’t come most of the time when you call her, unless she does think you have food. She is cuddly and loving, but on her terms.

See? She can be cuddly! She actually didn't want to let me go when this shot was taken. Definitely one of her sweetest moments.

She actually loves us very much, my husband more than myself, but that is okay. While I was sick and emptying my stomach into a bowl, she came running up. The dork tried to sniff the contents of the bowl and pawed at it as I lifted it from her reach. She spent the last few minutes meowing at me and walking around the bathroom looking worried.

This cat actually does things that are really weird. She literally steals my homework from the printer. She stares at the printer and meows at it when anything prints and tries to steal whatever comes out. Again, she is a bit of a dork. She also loves shoes. As in, sticks her head and paws into them as she plays. She likes to curl the insoles up, which is mildly annoying when you have to run out the door quickly and need to stop and put your insole back in.

This is Domino. She is a little like her namesake wherein she tumbles about and knocks things over. She is a bit like me… a tad clumsy but playful and loves everybody. She is “mommy’s girl.” She likes to cuddle with me when I am sitting on the couch or sleeping. She also comes and lays right beside me if my husband and I decide to take a nap, or just lay on the floor and talk after a long day. I guess she thinks “family nap time!” or something and decides to just jump right in. Definitely a lover, this one is. Too bad she doesn’t have personal space…

I had been cold, laying on the floor wrapped in a blanket when Domino decided it was time to "give mommy a bath." Haahaaa. Told you she likes hair.

She is our roly-poly kitty. A little on the pudgy side, but very very active. She tears through the house all the time (enough my downstairs neighbors think my kitties are on crack or something) and chases nothing. She makes me laugh by trying to pull out things under the cabinets and rolling about. She also loves hair, as evidenced in this video on youtube (sorry for the repetitive voiceover… I was tired. There are other vids of my kitties on my “channel,” too). She likes to get on the back of the couch and cuddle whomever’s head happens to be there.

Since I have been sick she has been pretty much always in the room I am in, either on the bed with me in the bedroom or on a chair nearby in the livingroom. I really love my silly little girl.

My two little ones are quite the joys. Sometimes they annoy me. Princess likes to get on the counter and steal food, sometimes she steals wrapped candies and baps them around the apartment. And boy do these two know when they are in trouble! They run and slink low to the ground and hide. Domino hides in the curtains (as if we can’t get her there!) and Princess just runs and runs. My tubby self can’t catch her, but good thing my hubby is slim and fast! He used to run in High School, so I am not surprised. He still runs around and boffers (definition: attacking friends with padded sticks looking like swords, etc) with people, and goes airsofting (definition: attacking people with gun replicas that shoot plastic pellets, considered dangerous but non-life-threatening and is totally legal. For some reason people think this is fun), so he is still pretty active.

That is my “immediate family” here in my apartment. You have met some of my “extended” and other “immediate” family in other posts (particularly my nephew Dimitri! He is so adorable!), and I have some great family here in the apartment complex and in the city. My friends are part of my family, too, so I feel so loved and supported. Even from other countries. πŸ˜€

More "Immediate Family" and some "extended family" - siblings (all four older girls plus the two blondies on the floor), parents, significant others, my Uncle Andrew, and my nephew! (not in order)



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