Volleyball has changed so much…

I went to my sister’s volleyball tournament today (after a long day yesterday!) and boy did I get confused. I thought I would list a few things that have changed in the (about) decade since I played volleyball. Okay, about a decade is because I am now over twenty and I played volleyball when I was in middle school. Think… fifth grade thereabouts. And I have graduated four-year college. Anywho, questions about my age aside, here are a few things I don’t remember from when I was in volleyball.

See? My sister playing volleyball. She's one of the ones in red. These shorts! See #2 about them... and #4 about the logos.

1. They switch places after the serve. I mean it… Each player in this team has an assigned place that they play and no matter where they are in the rotation they return to that position as soon as the ball goes over the net. It was bizarre enough that my sister didn’t even get it.

2. The girls wear hotpants. Okay, they are not actually hotpants, but they are these teeny spandex shorts that barely cover their hineys. It was weird, since they were wearing long-ish jerseys and sweaters, which made it look like they weren’t wearing so much…

3. The new players (this year’s) can do these elaborate setups and switch places, but they cannot spike. Weird, right? They can switch places and do complicated patterns, but they are not advanced enough to spike the ball. So far… It is really weird. Luckily, they complained to the coach and the coach decided to skip the switching places for then. Probably also because they had only practiced the switch-zies once.

4. They wear all one “label” or “sponsor” of attire. I am pretty sure this is because they want to be sure to make their sponsors feel loved. My sister’s is all Underarmor gear (their logo on everything)… but I love the company’s stuff so I am cool with it. It is just weird because my volleyball team didn’t have sponsors.

5. The girls referee and keep score for other teams during tournaments. Yeah. There were even special classes for it! I guess it saves money on officiates for the tournament. That sounds kinda mean, huh? Well, the scoring isn’t really all that simple, either. They keep track of who subs for whom and you only get X amount of subs per match and per game, and what the score is when subs happen and when there is a time out. These poor scorekeepers also have to keep track of the “wild card” player, detailed in the next point. And if that person serves, they need to put a triangle around that player’s number and… gah! I don’t understand it all and I outlined the little I understand. They expect 10-12 year old girls to do this well. … This often causes delays.

6. They have a “wild card” player who can jump in at any time. Really! I am not making this up! There is some fancy name for this person, but I don’t remember what it is. Anyway, she wears a different-colored jersey than the rest of the team (the alternate to the current jersey) so that the scorekeepers can keep track of her. This person can jump in for another person at any point without going through the ritual of standing hand to hand till the scorekeepers write it down. This person also can serve, but scorekeepers have to make a special note about it. Really, it sounds like even more of a headache, but it seems to work. The poor girl on our team with this role was so exhausted by the end of the night! I think she was the best player on the court, though.

My sister’s team didn’t really do well. They almost won their last game, but that was the closest they got. There were six different games they played, they refereed/scorekept for at least three games, and had the others off. They got there at 7:45am and played/scored/were off until about 7pm when they almost won their last game! They didn’t seem to be too interested in winning till that last game. Rumor has it they didn’t see the point when they were gonna lose anyway.

My sister was silly by making faces and staring at the readerboard, playing with her face, or just spacing out. I kept saying “get your head in the game!” and when we told her what we saw she laughed and said “I did not!” She refuses to believe that she did such a thing as play with her lip and space out while on the court. Dad and I laughed and told her honestly yes, she did!

It was really tiring watching them run back and forth. I was soo sleepy by the end! And I wasn’t even running with them! It was fun, though. I got to hang out with my daddy (my brother and husband went to my place to chill out since they weren’t too into it…) and we chatted and had a lot of fun. Afterward, daddy treated my husband and I to dinner at Shari’s, where I got veggies, broccoli soup, and salmon… and then got pie as well and overstuffed myself. That was about two hours ago and I am still stuffed!!!


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2 Responses to Volleyball has changed so much…

  1. Ash says:

    Volleyball is serious business!
    Is your sister in middle school? The reason I ask is I think you may have snapped a picture of my little sister at the top of your post. The string bean in the blue in the upper left is her (I think >.<).

    • N B says:

      This picture was from a game she did on the 9th of January in Longview, WA. My sister is in what they call “12 Black,” which means 10-12 year-olds and “black” is just their team. I guess if they get a second one going it would be “red.” But I guess that does put her in middle school.

      It may be your sister, who knows? My dad took the picture, I was unable to attend that tournament. If it was, cool! πŸ˜€

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