A recap of 1.26.11

**WARNING: a basic recap of yesterday which is kind of boring and rambly. If uninterested, wait till my next post to read.**

And maybe some of today. Yep, yesterday was the anniversary I was gushing about in the last post. The first portion of the day went splendidly. We slept in and had some really nice breakfast (pancakes and eggs my husband tried to make breakfast-in-bed, but I got up. Oops).

We then got ready to go to Simply Blissed, where I had set up a couples-massage as a present to my husband (and myself). I was able to kind-of surprise my husband with his present. Okay, he partially knew something was up since I was excited instead of the “nervous” I pretended to be when I asked him to accompany me inside the “office” at my appointment. We enjoyed a 30-minute massage in the same room. It was my husband’s first massage, so I figured he would be the nervous one. Especially since he expressed a concern about being massaged by a stranger. It was really relaxing, and got some of this tension that has been annoying me massaged out. Found out that my neck is a lot more tense on the opposite side than I thought.

Anyway, we enjoyed that immensely and were on our way to the movie! We went to turn out onto the main road and we skitter a bit and hear a crazy sound that we think was something metal hitting the underside of the car. There was a nasty amount of gas and wobble and we thought it was a blown tire. We pulled onto the next side street and looked. Nothing. We looked back to where we had our issue… nothing there that we would have hit. We tried again to head to our movie, but the wobble was too much and we just headed home, dejected that our day wasn’t going as planned and that all the hope felt gone. We missed our movie and our dinner, and all the tension that was massaged out came right back. It was tragic at the time.

So, after moping for a bit (on my part) and diligent research (on my husband’s part) we decided to just make dinner and play it by ear. We made Oyakodon, which is a food we both enjoy. We decided to still go dancing, since we could walk to one location and maybe could get a ride to the other. We did go to the preferred location thanks to our friend, who was nice enough to give us a ride. We danced for maybe 20-30 minutes, but we were the only people on the dance floor so we decided to just play pool for a bit. My husband and our friend played the first game, and I decided to attempt the second. I have only attempted to play maybe one or two other times, so I was really pathetic. They were nice to me anyway.

We decided to make pizza afterwards, odd hour but it was tasty! We finished the night watching nostalgic cartoons (Angry Beavers! haahaa) and eating pizza until late into the morning. After that we decided to head to bed.

Today was really chill. I was more exhausted than I thought because I slept in and took a nap. Got some housework done, and helped a neighbor flea-bathe her cat. Random food for dinner tonight since we didn’t plan ahead and decide what to make… Now we are watching Spaceballs. Well… I am watching and typing and my husband is dozing off. Tomorrow: job hunting and housekeeping! At least, that is the plan.

Yup, that is my recap. For those who wanted to know. For those who weren’t interested, there will be another post before too long. A special thanks to Annie and Ash for helping make the day great!


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One Response to A recap of 1.26.11

  1. I’m glad your anniversary went well, even if it wasn’t quite how you’d planned (isn’t that always how things go?). Seven years – craziness.

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