Planning, Planning, Planning!

(DISCLAIMER: Sickies still present, but I feel a tad more coherent now. Having to figure stuff out has helped me get my brain in some sort of working order. There are probably a lot of rambling, run-on sentences in this post. And particles. Haahaa.)

I have recently been looking to the future. Now that I have gotten that internship, I am pretty sure I want to start looking for a place to live up in that area if I can. I do want to see if I can find a job in that area after this internship is over. Hubby is looking there, too.

I am discussing plans to live with a friend up in the area once she gets back from Japan. We are looking into a 2br or 3br place, preferably a house but a townhouse, fourplex, or duplex will do. We want to avoid large apartment complexes (especially after the experiences in my current apartment complex).  — We are hoping that sewer and garbage, at least, are included. Water would be nice, too. A fridge is preferred… and hopefully hookups for washer and drier. We are also looking to rent. Buying a house is too big a commitment at this stage of our lives, especially with so many unknowns!

This sounds awful precise, but we are trying to make sure we get what we want. Oh, and we want to cap the rent at $800/month.  Yep, very specific. But I feel like I have to be in order to achieve my goals.

As I am looking for a job after my internship (already, I know, but it ends in August!), a place to live after I get out of this place, etc, I am also looking to closer needs.

I need to make more products for the powwow (What? You don’t know about that? I even offered a coupon on my art blog if you go!) so that I have more than a handful of things to sell. I need to print more business cards.And cut them out. And price/tag the new items, photograph them, and post them on my etsy site.

Oh, and buy CHEAP work-appropriate clothes for an office environment. I only own two white button-up shirts and one is silk. I own one blazer, one pair of nice slacks, and a few skirts. Most of my skirts are kind of in the “indie/bohemian” category.. I think. Pretty simple. I really haven’t ever owned a business-attire wardrobe, especially since my jobs throughout college were “wear whatever, so long as it looks nice. You are a student,” or “Wear this uniform.” Outdoor school, they didn’t care. It had to be hike-in-able and durable, no showing breasts, bellies, or butts and no shorts. There was a lot of poison oak. Long story short? I need to get officey-clothes. I lack them badly.

First step in my long-term plans: Get rid of this dang cold. Still coughing and hacking.

Step Two? Work on merchandise. Yeah… that sounds like a good step two. Gotta make money to spend money.

What would you do, dear reader, when looking to the future? Anything I should definitely ask when looking to rent a house? Good things to take note of? Thinks I should be sure to get/avoid when looking for business-ey attire?

I would love some advice.



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4 Responses to Planning, Planning, Planning!

  1. Meaghan says:

    The best recommendation I can give you for work attire is 20 Below. It’s where I’ve bought my last couple of pairs of work pants and I love them. And they’re all 20 dollars or below. Yay!

  2. I love Fashion Bug for work clothes. They usually have reasonable prices..or I just scour the sale racks…and they have all sizes. They have lots of slacks, button down shirts/tanks and cardigans. Perfect work attire. Link to their website below.

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