Redirection (Warning: Scatter-brained)

(DISCLAIMER: This post was written while I was sick and is rambly and scatterbrained. Feel free to skip to the link below. Please read the linked post and check out the links in the second post.)


It is 2:30am and I am still awake. I have been sick of late and thus have not been writing good posts (I have scrapped many attempts)… My sick has mostly been coughing, with slight fever, slight sinus gross. My husband (who NEVER gets sick) has gotten the sick-bug worse, with a fever of 100.3 (before we brought it down)… So, yeah, between tending myself and my husband I have been kind of busy and, sadly, neglecting you.

To make up for it, I would like to redirect you to a post I have worked on for a while but haven’t gotten to post until just now. As in, about ten minutes or so ago… I am not sure. I am kind of tired and should head to bed after posting this.

The post features my father, who is an amazing artist and craftsman. You really should not only read the post, but click all the links from said post. ((And you should see if it fits anyone you know. He is a hard worker and charges less than he should for these items, quite a steal for gifts!))

Enough rambling… Your redirection is below. Please read my other blog’s post and enjoy. And ignore this sickie as she goes back to bed. (oops, I said no more rambling. Guess I lied. I am serious now.. I am stopping.) Link:



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