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Pondering Lent

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Tomorrow is also my father’s birthday, so I don’t think I will be in the “properly restrained, sorrowful” mood that one is supposed to maintain during Lent. I never was good at that. I will, instead, … Continue reading

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New job!

So, today I started my new job. I was really excited but really nervous. I didn’t want to be late, and I was insomniactic till really late and then was paranoid I wouldn’t wake up, so I didn’t fall asleep … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Ways of My Grandmothers

(Note: I am still getting over this two-week-plus long cold, so this may have coherency issues. ALSO: I welcome comments!) My mother gave me this book years ago. I was just starting to be interested in my culture, which I … Continue reading

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