Pondering Lent

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Tomorrow is also my father’s birthday, so I don’t think I will be in the “properly restrained, sorrowful” mood that one is supposed to maintain during Lent. I never was good at that. I will, instead, be joyfully wishing my father a happy birthday as he turns 29 (with one more year experience!). πŸ˜€

Nor was a good at remembering to not eat meat on Fridays. Right now I am too poor to afford meat (until I get my first paycheck), so I am living a meatless existence anyway. When I was younger, my parents were working full-time and dealing with other issues, so sometimes we forgot about the “no meat on Fridays” thing because we forgot it was Friday. Sooo… we teasingly borrowed the idea of “baptism” from some old jokes we heard… if a man can baptize us into a new being, why not with food? My dad always jokingly said “You were born a cow (chicken, pig, whatever), you were raised a cow (ditto), I baptize you fish!” He always accentuated the “fish!” part.

(The joke is that a Native man baptizes a deer, because the white brother changed his name to John, why not change the name of the deer to Fish? The longer version is actually kinda funny.)

I hope you realize that it is not irreverence, but a somewhat humorous attempt at being true to your beliefs, even if you mess up. My parents get better as lent goes on, but it can be hard when you are juggling SIX children (three of which live at home, one with a baby!Β  I am still always calling my parents for advice, so I may as well live at home)!

I realize that it is in preparation of remembering the tragic, holy passion, death, and passing of Jesus roughly 2000 years ago. (AD does not actually mean after death, apparently. According to the religious scholars I heard, Jesus died 30 years after it switched to AD)

Interestingly, they are finding more evidence that the physical man existed. At least, evidence that makes it less unlikely. There is even some evidence he has been where the bible says he has been. It is interesting to look at and ponder. I don’t think that I would want to be remembered, particularly, for the manner and reason for my death. But I think it is very noble to die for so many people.

Many people give things up for lent to remind them of those who go without, to remind them what is not important, and to give people a sense of deprivation, which leads to sadness, morose behaviour and emotions, and a properly somber outlook.

So, I was pondering, what could I give up for lent? Many things. One year I gave up cheese and NEVER cheated! That was a very sad lent for me.

I decided to give up listening to people bitch, trying to show caring for people who dislike me, letting drama take me in (especially when it is not mine), and dumb people. I would LOVE to give up working and just relax, but that doesn’t put food on the table.

In seriousness, I will give some more time this 40 days/nights to think about how blessed I am and how I could improve the small part of the world around me. And hey, acting on it would be good. I will keep people in my thoughts and multi-faith-path prayers. I will hope for the best.

OOH! I have a GREAT idea! …. Can I give up bills for lent? I would LOVE to do that! And getting way with it would be fantastic! If only, if only.

How will you be dealing with lent? IF you don’t celebrate it, what do you look forward to in the coming months? Is there a holiday near now that you celebrate?


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  1. I can’t wait for Spring!! Ostara is almost here πŸ™‚

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