In which I might still be alive

Yeah, it has been about a month since I have actually posted anything. Actually, 45 days, thereabouts. It has been a very long 45ish days….

I have been getting used to this new job. I still do poorly with little sleep and I feel dead when I get back home. It is a 1/1.5 hour commute, depending on traffic. I have had an uncle in the ICU, a close friend of mine’s dog almost died, a friend almost died, my sister went into emergency surgery because of her gall bladder…. and that is only part of it!

So with all of this insanity, I have not been attentive to you, dear reader. Two of my posts have been partially written and never actually put up.

How have you all been?


About N B

Artist, critic, friend, and rambly-ponderer.
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