Eat here! Hush Hush Cafe

Okay, I have had ocassion to visit Portland, Oregon rather frequently lately. In an adventure to find something new, I went to this place called Hush Hush Cafe, which specializes in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Food. I admit to not being all too familiar with Mediterranean food, but this is the best I have had in my limited experience. It is currently my favourite restaurant to go to when I am visiting downtown Portland.

Here it is!

Here it is! On the corner of SW 4th and Alder in downtown Portland, OR. This leetle restaurant ish immensely tasty.

Don’t be fooled by the website, the location is actually much nicer than the “convenience store” look the picture gives off. The menu has a decent variety of foodstuffs, but the internet menu has yet to be updated with the new prices, but basically add a dollar to most meals and you are about right. You get to pick your meats from gyro meat (mystery meat?), chicken and lamb (add $1 to your meal for the lamb). Most meals come with pita bread and a small salad. The hummus is nice and garlicy without biting, and the rice has a great texture. The food isn’t that spicy, which is good because my spice threshold is near 0. Beverages vary on what is in the case at the time (mostly Pepsi-brand products in cans, some bottled Coke-products, and some “ethnic drinks” I forget the names of) with a constant of what is in the soda fountain.

Soda Fountain Historical

The modern, conventional kind, not this kind of cool soda fountain. Photo props to

Back from that tangent…

As I said, I haven’t tried much from the menu because I absolutely fell in love with the first thing I tried. On the online menu it is called the “Half and Half” entree, but in the shop it is called the “Daily Special.” I get it with chicken and an extra piece of pita bread. Why? Well, I like to put the rice, chicken, hummus, and salad inside the pita and make a wrap out of it. Why? Well, it is the tastiest way I like to eat it.Β  I go there often enough when I am in town the guy at the register knows my order. Haaa. ^_^;;

The price range isn’t too bad. I spent $8.95 for my meal, minus drinks (I sometimes get a can of soda pop, add $1). I got the Baklava once, it was walnuts (the online menu lies!) and it was $2 for a small piece, so I feel bad getting it. Anywho, with the extra pita there is enough food for two largeish wraps. As my appetite is not large enough for two largeish wraps, I actually end up getting lunch for the next day too, so it averages to 4.50 for my lunch per day for two days if I split my meal in half. Nice pricing, Hush Hush Cafe! But expect to spend between $6-12 for a full meal (which can be two meals!).

So, the location. I usually get my lunch to go because I am a touch of a workaholic during hours (but so are my coworkers, we pretty much all eat at our desks and try to get work done…), but the location is nice. There is a dining room (not pictured) with nice carpet, drapes, and pretty tables and chairs. Even some bar-stool type chairs and high tables right near the huuuge windows.

Overall, atmosphere gets an A for the dining room, the food gets an A (since I eat it so much!), and the price gets an A for being so low for how much food you get.

If you visit Portland, OR, you should go.

Hush Hush Cafe
433 SW 4th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97204

Phone: 503-274-1888
Fax: 503-274-2888

Hey, they Cater! yum.


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2 Responses to Eat here! Hush Hush Cafe

  1. Sounds great…not that I’ll ever be in Portland! lol I love Middle eastern food:)

    • N B says:

      Well, if you ever have the opportunity to visit Portland, OR, please find this place. It will definitely be worth your while for inexpensive but delicious food. πŸ™‚

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