Feature on my art blog – WBD

Below is a preview, please go to the blog for the entire thing!

Now, you have likely recently read, if you follow this blog, about the wonderful bunch of “Campfire Cousins” I have found at the virtual campfire of the Native Forum on Etsy. Through this I have made many cherished friends, and I am always excited to expand the closeness to others in the forum.

Speaking of other great artists in the forum, I have found some absolutely gorgeous items in the shop of White Buffalo Designs. I really must have at least one once I get the money. He has a number of beautiful ammonites, supplies, bags of various types, and inlaid pieces.

Here is a peek of his stuff.

Ammonites. The listing only is for one, but you get to pick the left one or the right one. Really, they are both gorgeous. Ammonites cut in half and set in silver so it can be a pendant.

This is one particular piece I am interested in. Once I get the funding, this is gonna be mine.

I mean it, go HERE! And then go check out his shop!


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