Commencement 2011

(Caution, Contains slight ranting in the middle)

Okay, I actually graduated at Commencement 2010, which is kinda when this blog started, ish. There was another interim blog that didn’t really get off the ground before I switched to wordpress. We don’t talk about that blog, really.

Anywho, I have great friends who graduated this year and I went to their commencement, armed with my video camera. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture two of the three honorary degrees due to miscalculation of battery life, so I saved the battery life for the keynote speaker and the commencement proper (where the graduates walk across the stage). This year’s speaker was Bill Nye the Science Guy and I am soo jealous. I wish I had graduated this year so I could have such a cool commencement speaker. Ours was nice, but I didn’t know who it was and her speech had some moments where I lost interest. Not to reflect poorly on her, she did her best, I just have a short attention span. Haaa.

Anywho, the ceremony was just under 3 hours long and on the “Quad,” which is a field on campus. The only downside to that is that seating is definitely more limited than if we went to somewhere with a huge venue. But at least everyone is cozy enough to actually recognize by face who is walking across the stage. Mostly.

As I said, the commencement speaker was “Bill Nye,” who many of you may remember from the popular children’s science show “Bill Nye, the Science Guy.” I can still remember the opening credit song, I watched that show to death. Really, this was the guy who inspired me to be interested in science and was part of the force that nudged me down that path, not that he knew it. Anywho, he gave an interesting speech (which I will post to youtube eventually) and it was cool to be personally in the crowd he was addressing. Funny thing: he pinned his iconic bowtie to his outfit. Kinda reflected the image we all know and love.

The musical selection throughout the ceremony was nice, and thankfully they avoided “Pomp and Circumstance,” a song I personally dislike due to overuse. There was kind of one that made me think of a pirate song, which was fun. And the school’s male a capella group sang the alma mater at the end, and another song I didn’t recognize.

So after the ceremony and watching my friends walk, I wanted to shake his hand, meet him, and maybe give him a gift for inspiring me to science. I went to where the recessional would come out to be pushed aside by a bodyguard as Mr. Nye went straight to a golf cart. I stood there for a second and said, “excuse me,” while holding the small basket in my hands and getting ready to say what I intended to say. He looked at me and said “I gotta go,” and that was that. He told the driver to hurry up and off he went. I must admit, for being a children’s show host for so long, and writing five children’s books, he has sucky PR skills. (I must admit admiring him less for lacking the skills to say “I’m sorry, but I have to leave” in any polite manner. My friends and I that didn’t graduate this year did not get to shake his hand or even say “hi” to a beloved childhood idol. v_v ) Admittedly, he is probably a busy man. He is also not a very young man anymore, having done the Science Guy show in about ’93-’97. That was about 13 years ago, so he is not all that young, but he isn’t really all that old (only about 55 according to wikipedia), either. He also has so many fans that I am sure he couldn’t have the time to stop and shake hands and exchange pleasantries with them all.  He also probably has policies against accepting gifts, which I hadn’t thought about till afterward.

Hubby says don’t take it personally, which I am trying not to. He seems so nice on his show that it kinda gave me a slight shock at how short he was and how anxious he was to leave. Though, again, likely so he didn’t get all mobbed by fans such as myself. (*Sigh* It wasn’t meant to be. He is just a person, he is just a person, he is just a keynote speaker at my friends’ graduation ceremony. It should be about the friends, not missed opportunities!)

But, on the bright side, I did get to see a fair number of people I know graduate today, and I was thrilled that every last one of them got to shake his hand, as well as the hand of our departing president, Mr. M. Lee Pelton. Who announced at graduation that the “M” stands for “Marvin.”  I wondered about that all four years I was there and this past year on top of that. Now I know.

And I am SO proud of those that graduated today! They worked so hard and did so much to get to where they stood this afternoon. I hope they succeed and do amazing things in the future! I look forward to sharing in their journeys beyound college, and hope my friends and I stay close! They all did so well!


By the way, a friend of mine was kind enough to invite me to the graudation party afterward. It was a lot of fun to be dorky with everyone once again. It was tinged with the sad note that this may have been the last time we were all together and being ridiculous, but we busted our guts laughing much of the night. I must say, part of the fun was explaining the humour to the exchange student who was at the party. Some of it was incredibly embarrassing to try and explain why everyone groaned in unison then laughed really hard. It was tough to come home afterwards to the quiet house right after riotous laughter with friends. Great end to the school year (for my friends), and congrats to the graduates. I think we had four to six at the party. Oh, and the food served was delish, especially the still-warm sourdough bread with garlic butter! And the celebratory ice cream cake. Lovely party! Thanks, E!


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  1. Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed reading today’s article very much. Spending time with my family is something I do often. I try to keep up with today’s trends so we have more in common. Thanks again for sharing your article.

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