Oh give me a home…

But not where the Buffalo roam. Them be big and smelly. Though they taste delicious. I seriously mean it. It is absolutely delicious. If you haven’t had a buffalo burger before, you are missing out. If you happen to live in Salem, OR, I found this great place to get them when I went to school there. Adam’s Rib House. You should check out their menu. Even better, if you ever find yourself in Salem, Oregon, you should go there!

But that wasn’t the point of this post. As I said in my last post, hubby and I need to move in order to be closer to work. Currently we are getting up at 5/5:30am.  Yup, I’m whining again about being up too early. I am NOT a morning person, to say the least. Hubby is good at getting up in the morning. I am more inclined to “Ten more minutes!” than to actually get my fat hiney outta bed. And boy I do mean fat hiney! I am waay up in that plus-size scale. *sigh* Oh well. Again not the point.

Anywho, we leave by 5:45 in the morning to make sure that my husband gets to where he needs to go by 7:15. It is an hour’s drive with no traffic, but we give a half hour just in case, especially since traffic along the way has set me back about 45 minutes before! And he has to drop me off first. It would cost too much in gas to drive two cars there and back.

So, yeah… we are moving.  I get about 9.25 hours a day at work getting in at 6:45 (when the day is supposed to start at 8am). The overtime is nice, but it is really tiring. And it will be moreso now that we will be traveling a lot for work. The week after next I will be away all week, from early Monday till late Friday night.

We are gonna be outta this place at the end of this month, and will hopefully have a new place by the beginning of next month. So on top of all the work and commute we are trying to find a place. I still have to finish an order for a trade that I initiated. Geh…

In other news, lost a family member and nearly lost another. All in two days. Seems like 2011 is trying to as bad as 2006 (right around that year I lost four relatives in 14 months… two grandparents, on uncle, and another that I am having trouble remembering… it was all really hard). I really hope it doesn’t try to be ’06, in any event. Also negative, plans are falling through all over the place, and planning too late is making it incredibly complicated.

On a positive note: My mother-in-law graduated today! I am so happy for her. I wish I had attended, but I stayed home today. I feel really bad not going, but my stomach was really painful…

I am home right now and not doing much since I been feeling sick since last night with stomach gross. Now that I have had some awake time without being too gross, I think housework is in order. Soon…. currently I am being subjugated to a cat-bath from my Domino kitty. She tends to stick by my side when I am unwell, and today is no different. Last time she slept in bed with me the entire time I lay in bed, and followed me around the house all day. It is really cute. Yup, gushing about my baby girl. My other baby girl (kitty, mind you) loves hubby more and follows him about all the time.

I better get to cleaning. Been home all day and slept most of it (sleeping is when your body heals fastest!), so cleaning is in order.

Thanks for reading the ramble. I hope you are having a great day.



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