Experimental cooking: Honey-Glazed Salmon

Yup, that day was another experimental cooking day. I was looking at salmon recipes online and saw that there were quite a few with a honey glaze with ginger. I am not much of a fan of ginger, so I decided to improvise. I am, however, a great fan of garlic. Mmmm.

Well, posting a “recipe” is difficult, since I didn’t take measurements. I tossed things in and tasted the glaze. Well, I guess I will have to post it later, once I have tried it again and figured it out. I do remember what I threw in: Honey, garlic powder, soy sauce, rice vinegar. There was very little vinegar, but I tried to balance the flavors with it.

But this recipe did work. I do remember we cooked the salmon skin-side down for a bit, flipped it for a while, then put it skin side down again as we covered it with glaze and let it sit a bit. And then we took it off the pan and glazed it one last time. Mmmmm. It was amazing. We made roasted vegetables to go with it, and boy was that delish. πŸ˜€

So… with no recipe here, I’m gonna say, you know what? Just experiment! You will find a version you like.


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