Falling apart

Between work, long commutes, busy days, trying to move, drama, and other dumb stresses (broken microwave, new microwave came broken, can’t get my order done for the trade and now the person probably hates me, family deaths and near deaths…. etc) I am falling apart. I am gonna take a break from blogging, I think. I need to take a break from SO many things.

I would go on vacation, but I would just be coming back to MORE stress than before. Seriously, how do you adult people do it? Because I am failing miserably and getting to the point where I am tearing and crying at least once every other day.

I will be gone for a bit. Don’t worry, I am not the kind of person to do anything dumb. I have love and family and all these things for which I am grateful, but I really need to just take a breather from some of these “extra” stresses.



About N B

Artist, critic, friend, and rambly-ponderer.
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