Rantings and Ramblings 7.6.11

Well hello.
I think I know you from somewhere…. or perhaps you know me? I used to visit this place a lot, and usually had something to say. Okay, a lot. It was often somewhat thought-provocative, sometimes hot-headed and offensive, but hopefully bringing up different perspectives then you are accustomed to. Oh, with big words sometimes.

Oh, you remember? That’s awesome. Remind me again, where have I seen you before? Did I ever get your name? Hmm… well, I guess if I did or didn’t that is fine, dear reader, because I am just glad you are here. Sorry this place has been kind of dead lately… If you read back, you will see that I have been very busy.

Moving has occurred, but I lack an actual new home. Hubby and I are living in a guest room at his parent’s house. I am grateful they are letting me stay, since they don’t have to. They are also very nice. It makes me smile.  However, I do want my own home. I am grateful for the help but strongly dislike imposing on them. Even if they say it is not trouble at all… It’s a thing…

So, the search is still on. This whole paper thing I was hired to write is going slow. Now we have three weeks to complete the whole thing, and we still have a number of interviews to do. Not that I can get some of the stuff done… there are quite a few bits of information that we just don’t have. But it is running along better than it was.

Not too much other news. Lookin for a new place has replaced the killer commute, so I am not exactly alive yet. Still making it, though, and working on getting my stuff together. Still faaarbehind in my artwork and commissions. I fear the person who wanted to trade will no longer want to… geh.

A word about the whole “Casey Anthony” hype right now… I would LOVE to not hear about it again. This is why:

Since July 2008, 1300 children have gone missing (including Caylee Anthony). Of those 1300 children, 450 were white, 850 were either listed as non-white or “unknown”. (numbers from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children)  These children are the ones that still have hope of being found.

Amber Alerts are generally only active for about 24-48 hours, according to America’s Most Wanted’s website.  It was interesting, cruising the America’s Most Wanted website, to find that quite a few children are listed as “found” and returned safely home, which is great. A fair number are “deceased” and many other have not been found (a “child” listed on AMW site has the age listed as 56, has not been found. Old B&W photo shown).

Now, how many children do you hear about on the news? How many are any other ethnicity but caucasian? How many big-hype news stories about missing children end in a child found deceased and a court case?  How many come home alive and safe?

I almost wonder if the television of the cases leads the abductor to fear that s/he will be caught and just kill the poor child. Perhaps they realize that it will get a lot of publicity if they do the deed. Or perhaps they are just sickos that like to kill people. It makes me sad that most of the televised cases I know of end with a deceased child.

When you wanna complain about the justice of the Casey Anthony case and the jury’s decision, think of those 1300 children missing that may never see justice. Think of the Jane Does and John Does whose corpses were found dumped somewhere. I can’t get too annoyed with the jury when we have only seen the media spin on the case, anyway. The media had a hayday.

On the positive, other than my brief pensive moment of silence pondering the implications of ritualistic blowing shit up on the memorial of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, I had a great 4th of July weekend. Spent time with family, visited, blew some stuff up. There was a chicken, a spaceship with a great landing, a friendship pagoda that didn’t spin, popped up all at once, and then caught fire and burned (hmm… bad omen? I don’t think they are supposed to do that), and a tank fight. Mostly pretty fountains.  Cats were fine, too. The fireworks didn’t upset them too much. Perhaps from living right next to train tracks for most of their lives….

Now I am kinda out of it. Findin an apartment, doing looots of work, worrying about the 2 uncles in ICU, and other suchlike things. Speaking of which… I been typing this bit by bit and am finishing these last two-three paragraphs at work on break, better get back to work.


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  1. Hope you find your own place soon!!

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