What is this? A post?

Well, still not dead yet.  Sorry for those of you who were hoping so. I have not really been on the internet of late. I pop on to that one social network with a silly name (something about a face and a book… is it like facepalm, only with reading material?) from time to time when I take a five-second break from work stuff. We are technically not supposed to be on FB or the other various interwebz.

We got the draft in on the deadline, and emphasized the “Draft” part, since it was still in its nascent stages. I am hoping they will like it, since I wrote about 80% of the body text. 

Oh, by the way, for those of you who are professional editors out there: is there a way to edit something and make it all shiny without changing the voice? If there is, I would appreciate someone typing out that how-to so I can send it along to some editing people. The draft came back with a completely different voice than we sent it in our first chapter. It went from “the Natives were here, signed a treaty for certain rights, including to fish, and wanted their rights maintained. (Governemental agency) was directed to develop some land so they could do so” to “The government gave the Indians rights, and were nice enough to allow them to do so on governmental land.” Okay, not quite so drastic as that, but you get the gist. Needless to say, we re-voiced it again.

On the subject of voice but not the subject of editing or writing, I am still thinking of putting a video audition togethter for the show The Voice. I have wanted to be a singer since I was young, but haven’t chased that dream because I was told that it was a near impossibility to make it (by people other than my parents, who believe I can do anything I set my mind to). Well, at 23, why not? It has to do with your voice, not your physical appearance. (And if you check out season 1, you will totally get what I mean!) I am hoping my rusty voice can be made all pretty by the end of the month, when I have to have this thing submitted online. Worst thing? I don’t get a call back. When you are online, it isn’t such a crushing thing as it would be if you paid the money to fly out to an audition and fail.

My internship ends soon. Another reason I haven’t been on. Job-hunting sucks. I am a great gatherer, sucky hunter. So I will be spending time doing that, and looking for a new apartment (still, we were hoping to wait till I had a job to move so that we knew where would be a good place. It is looking like we may move and then I find a job in that area…), and working on building my inventory up again. I have six items in my online shop and that is kind of pathetic. I also need to finish two baskets for a trade I initiated months ago! MEEP!

Been enjoying my little time off, though. Spent time on the coast two weekends in the past month or so. The first was with some great Japanese-exchange friends of mine. We went caming and enjoyed the sand. This last weekend was renting a beach house with most of the same people, but with the addition of one of my best college friends, who until recently was living in Japan. We were excited to see her back. 🙂

Well, that is all for my check in. Lots of love to all of you! I will try to update more often soon.



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