Rambling about now and later (LONG)

… which is not a great candy, in my opinion. And, yes, this post is long.

I am approaching my final day of my internship at this firm, and have been reflecting on it. I have asked for a performance review from each my Supervisor (in charge of my Contract) and my Assistant Project Manager (whom I have spent pretty much every day with). I asked for how I met their expectations, and for areas I could have done better. I am kind of afraid of doing this, since I am not the best at standing up under criticism (well, if I care. People who may recommend me to my next boss? I care! Random people on the street? Not so much.) and know I made a few mistakes. I hope that they didn’t just keep me because it would be too much work to replace me, and that I did a good job despite my shortcomings.

Communication being a seemingly large one. I know I need to get better at making absolutely sure we are all on the same page. There has been one task where I didn’t do it because I 1) never received confirmation I was doing it, and 2) the huge file I was supposed to make a copy of wasn’t where it would have been for me to copy. I guessed it was just not on my task list. Oops.  As for scheduling, I know I made two oopsies at least. One being I thought it was confirmed I would be arriving between 10 and 11am one day… on my way, I received a text asking when I was coming in. I guess I should have confirmed it closer to the day. I thought we were on the same page. The second oops I am sure about was a doc’s appointment. It was to be either Wednesday the week before my Monday deadline, or late afternoon Friday. I picked Friday because I thought it would be least disruptive. I was told later by the supervisor that, if I am pushing a deadline, I really should check with my working partners if it would be a problem to schedule during those times before I schedule the appointment. I was unaware that I had to check with anybody before making it. Made me feel dumb afterwards, but now I know for the future!

We met our deadline, even though our draft wasn’t in the state we wanted it in first. There were a lot of holes, but not for lack of searching. We also did not acquire the files we needed to write the report until a bit of a ways in. Writing a paper that is 3-4x the length of my thesis in just six months was rough. Yeah, I didn’t do any experimentation, but I did a lot of research, including interviews (road trip!) and reading giant documents. I actually feel kind of accomplished that we managed to get the draft to the state we did. Without images or appendices, it is well over 120 pages long (thesis was 40, and I had a year to work on it). I would say I did approximately 80% of the writing for this draft. It was edited to hell and sounds only vaguely similar to what I wrote, in some instances, but it is written. I have to smile to think that my original, less-edited pre-review draft was well received by the client, who said it was very well written.

Now that the draft is in, I am doing the helpful but lugubrious task of transcribing the interviews. We completed 23 interviews, with an approximate total of 23.04 hours. Now, interviews that transcribe easily will take me about 2.5 times the interview length to transcribe. People who use a lot of fillers take me a bit longer to transcribe, so about 3-3.5x. The interview that had two interviewees (which was also just shy of 2 hours long) took about 4.5 times that to transcribe. Yes, it took over one work day. Perhaps I am just a slow transcriber, and those who do it more often are much, much quicker. As of this lunch break, I have completed transcribing 12 of them, with 11 to go, and about 12.25 hours left. Six and a half days left to do it. (48 hours! Meep!) If there are no meetings or anything to attend to.

On thinking of leaving, I am sad to go. Not just because I don’t get to see this paper to completion (I am hoping to get a printed, bound, final copy to show future employers what I have worked on in the past), though that is part of it. I really enjoyed this positive environment where everyone seems to actually care about me. There is a lot of genuine warmth, here. When it was announced that I am leaving, everyone seemed to actually be a touch sad by this. 

I also know that I have been terribly spoiled here. Not every office will be like this. I may have less pleasant bosses and coworkers in the future. For now, I am content to spend the next week and a day in the company of this family-like firm. I will greatly miss it, though.

In the short-term, I know my next adventure will be submitting an online audition for The Voice, and then going camping on Labor Day weekend. I miss the place we are going to. Though nervous about the narrow road’s steep dropoff (with a steep hill on the other side and without guard rail, might I add), I am sure we will make it alive. I won’t lie that it is a fear of mine that we may topple down it. I will be sure to inform you that I survived it. It is a lovely drive despite that one inconvenient spot. Did I mention I am kind of afraid of heights? Okay, it is the falling and rapid deceleration from terminal velocity to zero that really scares me. I am not a good hiking buddy when it comes to steep surfaces, as my friends and family can attest to.

What’s next? Hopefully another job soon. Sending out apps doesn’t seem to be helping me much at this point. Looks like I will be taking a few weeks (at most, hopefully!) of unemployment as I pound the streets and show my determination to get a job… We’ll see how this goes.

We plan to move soon as I get a job, since two incomes will make it easier. That, and we want to find a place that will be convenient for both of us to commute to and from work in a reasonable amount of time.

Long-term adventures? Well, being married has been quite the adventure thus far. Tomorrow we will have made it to one year and one month of being married, seven years and seven months of being together. And we haven’t killed each other yet. That makes me hopeful that this will last.  Eventually, we want to travel out of the country. I think I need to get my passport first, though. That takes, what, six months? I haven’t any clue. I just know I need one. We want to get a fair amount of travelling done before we decide to settle and have children.

Speaking of children, my nephew turns one this coming month. My goodness, they grow fast! Was it really a year ago I was anxiously waiting at the hospital for him to be born? Wow.


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