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Experimental Cooking: Salmon and Dumplings.

Mother-in-law and I were pondering a dinner we could make with already-cooked salmon (we had lots!). Sitting on the couch and thinking, we both had the thought, “Salmon and Dumplings.” It was fun, we were on the same wavelength pretty … Continue reading

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Trip to the Mountains!

Another blog post! This one only took me a week to write (in small increments between job-finding sessions, crafting sessions, and errand-running). My Labor Day weekend encompassed a trip to the mountains, in which I camped at hubby’s favorite camping … Continue reading

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Finishing the Hat

So, on my beach trip a few weekends ago I purchased a hat. My friends and I all did a series of photos of the hat, each of us wearing it  and making a different face. We dubbed it simply … Continue reading

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