Finishing the Hat

So, on my beach trip a few weekends ago I purchased a hat. My friends and I all did a series of photos of the hat, each of us wearing it  and making a different face. We dubbed it simply “The Hat Series.” My friend did the favor of posting them on a very popular social network for me to borrow from. 🙂

We will start with a lineup of the gals. I tried to get these side by side, at least two of them, but wordpress appears to not want to do so…

Image the first: My friend dubbed this image, “The Curious Hat.” Apparently this expression is thus. See the model’s questioning gaze?

The second pic is the international spy. See how her expression is full of mystery and intrigue. She is uses a combination of beauty and know-how to accomplish her missions. Yis

Third, we have a classic example of a silly expression. Yes, we do love them so. Without them life would be boring! We definitely need people in our lives to make these adorable silly faces.

Picture Number Four: Yes, we even made sure to include the dog! We are obviously not specieist here. Yes. That is totally a word… But even she looked so cute in the hat.

The Curious Hat

The International Spy Hat

The Silly Hat

The Dog Hat











Now we will switch gears a little bit, and give the guys a chance to express themselves with the hat. After all, a hat has no preference of species, gender, or sex. 🙂

Image the first: Oops, looks like we got in trouble somehow. Here is quite the stern face while wearing the hat. (The funniest part is that he is such a sweet guy, and very smiley.)

The second one: Honestly, I am not sure where this face comes from. All I know is this guy is exceedingly expressive and can pull a variety of facial expressions I didn’t know were possible in a second. Here is one of the odder ones, hence the caption.

The final hat image: Well. You have to admit, for a young guy he can sure mimic that “Grumpy Old Man” expression pretty darn well. I half expected him to shout something like “Get out of my yard!” or “You young whipper-snappers!” But he didn’t.

The Stern Hat

The Strange Hat

The Grumpy Old Man Hat













Sorry for the weird layout for those images. I really liked them in that order, so please bear with me.

And to steal another photo, here is a glimpse of the sand dune we climbed up. Boy was it a workout! I had to stop a few times along the way… For some reason I have the impression that this was taken halfway up the dune… I could be wrong, though.

The Sand Dune! At Barview Jetty Park near Garibaldi, OR.

Oh, the title? Ten points if you recognize where it comes from! I will give you a hint: Stephen Sondheim musical. (I have also found out this post’s title is also the title of a book of his… huh.)

I have found I am quite fond of a few of his pieces. “Into the Woods” is among my favorites, alongside “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” (the film version is the only one I’ve seen), and “Sweeney Todd” (the Stage production with George Hearn and  Angela Lansbury, not the film adaptation with Johnny Depp).

Really, I enjoy Bernadette Peters in Into the Woods. Okay, I enjoy much of what she has done. She has a distinctive voice and quality to her characters, including Rita the Cat on Animaniacs. I also prefer Angela Lansbury’s version of Mrs. Lovett over Helena Bonham Carter’s portrayal. The quirky crazy lady was more fun to watch than the quieter Bonham Carter version. I really should see A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum on stage someday. That would be a fun adventure for sure!

My most previous adventure? Well, I will have to let you know about my Labor Day Weekend camping excursion soon. 🙂


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