Experimental Cooking: Salmon and Dumplings.

Mother-in-law and I were pondering a dinner we could make with already-cooked salmon (we had lots!). Sitting on the couch and thinking, we both had the thought, “Salmon and Dumplings.” It was fun, we were on the same wavelength pretty much the whole time.

We wanted some color to it, so we looked in the fridge. Well, there was slightly wilting green onions (about 1 cup, chopped) that needed used, and some bok choy (about 2-3 cups, chopped) that needed used. Sounded good to us! Needed more veggies, though… Mamma remembered some pre-sliced, frozen carrots (1 14-oz bag). Excellent. Tossed that in a large saucepan with the contents of a can of green beans.

Part 1: Veggies.

Part 1: Veggies.

After that, we agonized over what kind of stock to use. We wanted flavor, to be sure, but all that was on hand was chicken stock. We didn’t think that would taste as good with salmon. We couldn’t find the Dashi (Japanese stock based on a fish and kelp). So we decided to just start with water, let the veggies cook, and see what happens. After letting it simmer for a bit (we like simmering!) to cook the veggies, we added salmon. Lots of salmon (maybe about 3 cups of precooked, chunked salmon). And a bit more water.

Part 2: add salmon

Part 2: Add Salmon.

Still not sure about the broth or stock to put in, we continued to let it simmer. After sipping the liquid we realized we didn’t need to add broth! We just added a little salt and a touch of soy sauce. It was gorgeous.

After some cooking and stirring.

Part 3: Adding soy and salt. After some cooking down, and stirring.

We let it come to a lovely boil and added the dumplings (from baking mix, made according to directions). We really packed them in there! And they expanded!!

Adding dumplings

Part 4: Adding dumpings.

All that was left was to cook the dumplings through and serve. We served it into wide bowls (you know the kind, somewhere between a bowl and a plate. Hubby calls them bean bowls. My mamma calls them stew bowls). I liked how I could see what I had and didn’t have to go digging for anything in particular.


Part 5: Dish up and enjoy!

There you go, it was our experiment and the whole family loved it! Okay, all but the person who doesn’t like cooked veggies, but he did like the dumplings, salmon, and broth. Would I do it again? Totally! I might even experiment with different veggies, proportions, etc. Enjoy!


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