Been a long time

Since I have written for you guys.

My most recent endeavor has been vending at a conference. it was the Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest Inc.’s Spirit of Giving Conference. The conference started the day before Halloween with a Boo Bash and Halloween Powwow. It was a lot of fun.  After that, I got to listen to the General Sessions (wonderful speakers, all of them!).  One of the speakers was Arnold W. Thomas, suicide survivor and motivational speaker. You really should check out his website and see if you can listen to his CDs sometime.

Of late, I have been job-hunting and helping my sister out by babysitting my nephew a couple of days a week.  Boy, that 13-month old boy has me turned in circles now that he runs and gets into everything.  He also eats everything, but being a boy he will likely never stop doing that.

I have been debating starting a food blog again, since there are a ton of recipes I want to post. I doubt anyone would read it, though. And I doubt I will keep up with it very well, since I cannot post frequently in the two blogs I already have!  I think I need to set up a schedule to do this better.

But… I wonder.

How many people do read this blog? Who is interested in the thoughts that run through my mind, run down my arms and through my fingers to the internet. So… are you out there?  Anyone?

Hoping I am not sending my thoughts into the nothing, and trying to make sure to find time to update.



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