You are loved

I feel very thankful and appreciative. It has everything to do with the people in my life. This even has to do with the negative people in my life. Through their negativity and their mistakes, I have learned how not to behave, how not to think, how not to be. Thanks to the Creator, Blessed, Powers That Be, I have been sent so many different people and influences in my life.

This includes you. Yea, you, the person reading this blog right now. You might be my parent, my grandparent, my sibling, my cousin, my aunt or uncle, my enemy, my soulmate, my friend, or someone completely new. Through this post we are connected. You have changed me, just reading this. You have altered my world.

And I appreciate it.

And I love you. For just being you. For impacting my world and the worlds around you. For making people think, remember, and feel a wide range of emotions they may have never known without you.

For you.

I love you.

And I genuinely do love you. You may think this post hokey, or like it is all dumb, but this is something as real as your heartbeat. Every precious heartbeat.

Take this message with you when you leave this blog, when you leave this device, when you continue on your life. Just remember this one thing: you are loved.


About N B

Artist, critic, friend, and rambly-ponderer.
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One Response to You are loved

  1. what a great piece and beautiful message

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