Book Review: The Riven Kingdom

Well, I could swear I have written and posted this post, and others, since the book review on Empress, but it seems that I have not. For this, I am heartily sorry. I do not intend to neglect you this way.

The second book to the Godspeaker Trilogy (previously erroneously referred to as the Hammer of God Trilogy) is entitled The Riven Kingdom. It follows the story of a distant, peaceful land called Ethrea. The book also begins with a very different feel than you get from the first book. We start with the princess of the realm about to lose her father. Yep, the King is dying, and a tyrannical religious leader (who doesn’t believe in the deity he proclaims), who would twist the torn kingdom to his own greedy desires. Princess Rhian has other plans.

Meanwhile, Hekat and her murderous horde of warriors are fighting their path into the world. The Empress Hekat seeks her banished son in the world, hoping to find Zandakar as she conquered lands and peoples for her god. Her unwanted younger son, Dmitrak, helps Vortka and Hekat battle their way towards Ethrea.

The only link binding the two lands, toward the beginning of the book, is Zandakar. The once-Prince of Mijak comes to Ethrea as a slave. A humble toymaker named Dexterity Jones, visited by visions of his beloved dead wife, decides to buy Zandakar (illegally, by the way), and sets off on a dangerous adventure. And suddenly, Princess Rhian, Dexterity, and Zandakar are battling to save Ethrea and, in effect, save the world.

Honestly? I wasn’t as interesting to me as the first novel. I didn’t like the sudden change to a different location. It felt jarring and I almost put the book down. I didn’t feel the connection. I wish they had opened with Hekat and Mijak, to keep continuity. It also felt like it ended abruptly. Empress could have stood alone. This second book? You needed to read the first book for the backstory, and you had to read the last book, Hammer of God, for the climax of the overall story.

Itis worth reading, don’t get me wrong. I just wanted more, based upon the previous book.

What did you think of it?

More posts coming soon, as soon as I figure out what is wrong with my phone app, and where in the etherverse my four or five other posts disappeared off to… Or rewrite them if I can’t find them.


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