Anniversary Fun, July 2012 (days 1 and 2)


Yep, I have failed yet again to keep up with my self-assigned posting. I get this bad habit of doing something for a fair amount of time, then failing miserably. However, today I will post about something fun.

Two years ago, on July 26th, 2012, I married the love of my life. It was on our six-and-a-half-year anniversary of getting together, and I was very excited that we were finally going to have our wedding and affirm our relationship in a holy ceremony. In case you wanted to read the transcript of the ceremony, it is here.

This year, we were intending to go on a trip. A long, four-day trip. This was changed due to an inability to find our camp stove. Instead, we planned to go on four day trips.

Yesterday, day one, we went to a nearby town and went mall-crawling at Clackamas Town Center. We found it odd that the Clackamas Town Center has a small convenience store in it.I can see where the idea came from, and how it would be useful. It just seemed a little weird.

A number of great things happened over the course of the day:

  1. We found a gift for a friend (I tend to accumulate Christmas and Birthday gifts early)
  2. I found out that I actually like certain kinds of vinegar. That is a big step for me, as I tend to abhor many standard vinegars (Apple cider and white vinegar are the ones with which I have had the most experience. )
  3. I got a new pair of shoes. This is a big thing to me, since I tend to spend money on things like books and crafting materials. I also hate shoe shopping due to my “cubic feet” (translation: about as long as they are wide as they are tall)… My husband had to physically take me to the shoe store (Jay’s Wide Shoes), walk me in, and get me to try on shoes. I found a neat pair of black sandals (with a heel, even!) and could comfortably walk in them. On top of that, they were American-made by a company called Monroe, a $200 pair of shoes! They were on sale for $50 (a steal), I needed work-nice sandals (and sandals, period), and they fit well. I wore them the rest of the day, and the following day.
  4. We went to The Original Roadhouse Grill for dinner. The wait staff was very nice, and even gave me new broccoli when I was concerned with the seasonings. I am poor with spice, so it was a bit much for me. They gave us a free hot fudge sundae for our anniversary, and said very loudly “Happy Anniversary!” Afterwards, a couple nearby were leaving and said “Happy Anniversary” to us while they were passing by. Overall, a great dinner! Oh, the couple was also laughing at me because I have an issue with the fact that you are expected to throw peanut shells on the floor. If you put them on the table or a plate, the waiter will dump them on the floor for you. My husband teased me about this a lot, tossing them different directions, blowing them off the table, and making sure I saw him do it. It was very entertaining to us and the couple that ultimately wished us a happy anniversary.

Those were the highlights of my day yesterday.

Today, we intended to go Ghost-Town hunting! Unfortunately, we were unable to go today. Today ended up being a housework day, and we helped the in-laws do some furniture rearranging and cleanup. It was a productive day.

More of our four day adventure weekend coming soon! 🙂
(I hope)



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