Anniversary Fun, July 2012 (days 3 and 4)

WARNING: Rambly, as most of my posts are. Read at your own risk.

Back to our “Four days, four trips” adventure! For the third day, we decided to go all the way down to Salem to meet up with our friends. Once we met up, we intended to go to the store for the rest of our picnic supplies, then take the 40-minute trip to Silver Falls State Park. We met up, decided who would be in what car, and headed to the store. After successfully purchasing food for the journey, we got in the cars to head out.

And realized we forgot to look up the directions. Oh well, we had smart phones to get us there. We would be just fine. Myself and my friend Annie were in one car, the boys (hubby, Alex, and Ben) were in the other. This allowed each group to catch up on the topics interesting to them, without boring or annoying the others. (I, for one, am not one for lots of gaming talk.)  My smart phone’s navigation system went kaput. They guys looked up directions, and we were off. And by off, I mean we were off course after a little while.  The menfolk plotted a new course for us, which should meet up with Hwy 22 and get us to the park. We went down that road for a long time. Annie grew frustrated, I started laughing at the ridiculousness of four smart phones between two cars being unable to get us where we were going.  Along with the miscommunications between cars, it made for a funny situation.

We did find 22, but the road we were on did not meet up with the highway. We crossed it once, went too far, and doubled back. Once we crossed over it again, members of both cars got it… overpass. So, we found yet another route. After a while, we needed to stop and let the dog get some water. There was some miscommunication on that end, too, creating more frustration (hilarity). We ultimately decided, once we were actually on 22, that we would each take whatever route we found best, and we would meet at the park.

Well, we don’t know which route the guys took, but Annie and I followed the signs. To add to the fun of the adventure, there was roadwork, so we had to take a detour. At least the detour was well labeled. Finally, there was a forest! We were almost there! Two hours into our 40-minute trip, we had finally arrived.

Once we arrived, we all changed into our swimsuits and went into the swimming area. I am not one for swimming, much, so I waded in the water. The water was frigid and not too fun, even our most hyper members had to get out and let his extremities thaw for a bit before heading back in.

A photo of the South Falls.

After swimming, we went to see the main attractions: the waterfalls. Hubby and I initially thought of seeing all 10 waterfalls, and hadn’t planned on swimming. We figured on a 5-mile hike, not too bad, right? Well, the full course was more like 8-9 miles long, and we hadn’t counted on terrain. The consensus was this: go to the first waterfall (right), and then take it from there. Once we arrived, we decided we should try another. The first 1.3 miles was mostly downhill.

Here is the crew (minus myself and the dog) rock climbing in the caves area. We had a great time. 🙂

We spent a lot of time exploring the caves behind the first waterfall. My husband was incredibly hyper, as was Alex, and they spent a fair amount of time scaling the rock faces, exploring the caves, and jumping about. It made for a great series of photos, which I may upload at a later time, if I remember to do it.

I was feeling great after the second set of falls, which you go behind after going down a bunch of stairs. The second set of falls had a beautiful stone wall behind it to keep people from falling in, very picturesque.

Unfortunately for my out of shape bum, we had to go back up to get to the cars. I took the first incline pretty well, but when we got to the switchbacks, I was about ready to cry. And I had to use the bathroom, which was a mile away. Hubby and Annie stayed with me the entire rest of the hike. Likely they were making sure my tubby behind didn’t fall down a hill or have some sort of health complication (my heart was beating so hard I could feel it in my temples, which was a little scary to me… and, despite having to pee, I felt dehydrated. Boy, am I outta shape). The other two guys I waved ahead. They were in better shape and I didn’t want them to get stuck behind with me. They also wanted to check on the dog, which I was cool with.

Well, as you can tell by the fact I am posting this, I survived! I didn’t have any health complications, and I was just really tired. We went back to my friends’ place and chilled for a while, then hubby and I came home. I slept in for a really long time today, exhausted from my 2.3 mile, varied terrain hike. Today’s adventure? Resting, and possibly bowling or something low-key. It is not exactly an adventure, but the rest is needed before I go back to work tomorrow.


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